Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spring Fever Picks Part Trois

As my ever eloquent father would say: you can't swing a dead cat without hitting something that has a floral pattern on it this spring. What he was doing swinging dead cats in the first place I have no idea, but I do know that he appreciates a good floral print...probably. So in honor of my Dad here are some floral picks for this spring.
I think that wearing floral print is self-explanitory: Step One: Put on floral patterned item. Step Two: Feel really happy! But first, here are some items for the floral-shy out there. The easiest way to incorporate floral in to your ensemble is through a small accessory, like a bag. This Fossil messenger bag obviously hits all the right notes for me, and this cute clutch from Modcloth has a funky 70s vibe to it that reminds you not to take floral so seriously.

Another small way is through a scarf, tie a cute knot and pair with jeans and a t-shirt and voila! Earrings are another simple way to make any outfit look ladylike, and these LC Lauren Conrad earrings are no exception. Looking for an edgier floral? These sunglasses are guarenteed to read less "awwww!" and more "aw yeah!" (big difference, right?)
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Now it's time to graduate to bigger and bolder pieces, like these platform pumps from Asos. If you styled them with boyfriend jeans and a your boyfriend's t-shirt, and your boyfriend's sweater you'd still look chic. These oxfords from Forever 21 also bring the trend factor and girl-up an otherwise tomboyish piece.

If you'd like to go the traditional route, a floral dress is the classic way to do things, and this pink and green number from Modcloth is super flattering. I've been e-dating this skirt since it popped up on, but since it's sold out here's an equally cute alternative that has a better chance of transferring in to your fall wardrobe. This particuar top is only sold in the UK (polyvore fail) but this sheer floral top can be breezily layered with shorts or tucked in to a cute skirt.

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Now if you're a hardcore floral wearer like myself, these floral shorts from Target(!) sing sweet songs of spring when matched up with a pair of gladiator sandals and a classic jacket. These floral skinny jeans have haunting my spring time dreams ever since I found them on Delia's website. I predict that they shall be mine when I get my next paycheck!

Just looking at these floral beauties almost made me wander out of my apartment with nothing but a light cardigan on!

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