Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spring Fever Picks Part Trois

As my ever eloquent father would say: you can't swing a dead cat without hitting something that has a floral pattern on it this spring. What he was doing swinging dead cats in the first place I have no idea, but I do know that he appreciates a good floral print...probably. So in honor of my Dad here are some floral picks for this spring.
I think that wearing floral print is self-explanitory: Step One: Put on floral patterned item. Step Two: Feel really happy! But first, here are some items for the floral-shy out there. The easiest way to incorporate floral in to your ensemble is through a small accessory, like a bag. This Fossil messenger bag obviously hits all the right notes for me, and this cute clutch from Modcloth has a funky 70s vibe to it that reminds you not to take floral so seriously.

Another small way is through a scarf, tie a cute knot and pair with jeans and a t-shirt and voila! Earrings are another simple way to make any outfit look ladylike, and these LC Lauren Conrad earrings are no exception. Looking for an edgier floral? These sunglasses are guarenteed to read less "awwww!" and more "aw yeah!" (big difference, right?)
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Now it's time to graduate to bigger and bolder pieces, like these platform pumps from Asos. If you styled them with boyfriend jeans and a your boyfriend's t-shirt, and your boyfriend's sweater you'd still look chic. These oxfords from Forever 21 also bring the trend factor and girl-up an otherwise tomboyish piece.

If you'd like to go the traditional route, a floral dress is the classic way to do things, and this pink and green number from Modcloth is super flattering. I've been e-dating this skirt since it popped up on, but since it's sold out here's an equally cute alternative that has a better chance of transferring in to your fall wardrobe. This particuar top is only sold in the UK (polyvore fail) but this sheer floral top can be breezily layered with shorts or tucked in to a cute skirt.

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Now if you're a hardcore floral wearer like myself, these floral shorts from Target(!) sing sweet songs of spring when matched up with a pair of gladiator sandals and a classic jacket. These floral skinny jeans have haunting my spring time dreams ever since I found them on Delia's website. I predict that they shall be mine when I get my next paycheck!

Just looking at these floral beauties almost made me wander out of my apartment with nothing but a light cardigan on!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cry Baby

I came back to the apartment whining again.

I had broken a wine glass in the sink this morning which got me off to a bad start. While at work I did well the first half of the day but got unjustifiably frustrated with a new trainee for screwing up orders and then spilled I spilled hot chili all down my side from shoulder to shoe. Yup.

But I was talking to the trainee about how "this is my day job and I do theatre in the evenings..." and it dawned on me that it was the same speach I used to give when I lived in Ohio: "I work here part time during the day, but I do theatre at night and I'm going to move to Chicago in the fall."

It sounded much better than: "I'm a 23 year old woman with a college degree and I'm not really sure what I'm doing with my life right now. I'm positive that I'm smart and talented enough to figure it out, but right now I'm working for minimun wage."

Roommate poked fun that when I was in the depths of jobless-ness depression I used to complain that I'd work any job as long as they'd pay me! I needed the money to live, and while that's still true, I see now that I need a career that I love to be satesfied.

7.) Be happy and self sufficient in my employment. 

Being a free-lancer in theatre means that the job hunt is never really over, so here we go again.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Sunday

Last night I had every intention of finding a wild and crazy (probably gay) bar to watch the Oscars with Roommate. But I got home, shuffled around the apartment a bit, and realized that I didn't really want a wild and crazy night...but I didn't want to sit in my pj's a eat cereal for dinner (again) either. Roommate had been wanting to go to this restaurant two blocks from our apartment, it's called Heartland Cafe in Roger's Park.

It's a mash up of a cafe, bar, general store, art gallery, and performance space. They even have live radio broadcasts on Saturday mornings during breakfast and a beach stand during the summer.

Roommate and I got the black bean burger and buffalo burger respectively, both with sweet potato fries. After snooping their breakfast menu I think that I have to go back for brunch some time. I've been searching for a breakfast-all-day restaurant to replace my beloved Hangover Easy since I moved here, so hopefully this is a good lead.

Once we got home we opened a bottle of champagne that had been in the fridge since New Year's and sipped casually while we ate cajun trail mix and took mini shots every time someone got on stage and thanked "Marty". Totally beat Rose Byrne and Melissa McCarthy to the punch, although after they did it we had to do one too.

All in all, an excellent Oscar Sunday.

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Sunday, February 26, 2012


After house managing tonight, Roommate and I are going to try and find a bar to watch the Oscars! I missed the Golden Globes so I feel a little bit out of the loop, but according to my sources The Artist is going to win everything. I'll also probably catch the red carpet tomorrow, Fashion Police anyone? Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Productivity/ Spring Fever Picks Part 2

Today I woke up at 8:30am without prompting, made breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen. I put my big girl pants on and went to the bank and then the grocery store. Came back, made waffles for lunch. Read a couple chapters in Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter while guarding my laundry in the spin cycle (crazy person put one outfit down to the socks and underwear in each washer and dryer and has left it there all day. I moved his stuff to do my own and wanted to make sure he didn't dump my laundry in the snow.)

Came back and changed the trash can liners, tidied the living room, cleaned the kitchen some more and took out the trash. Checked my laundry, still there. Vacuumed my room and the dust bunny colony in the front hallway. Wrote a card to E, caught up on my house management gig for tonight, folded laundry, and wound down to watch an episode of Party Down and eat cajun trail mix.

When a wave of productivity comes there is no sense in questioning its awesome power to make you do things you would normally be annoyed by. Just let the feeling take you where it will, which is usually wiping down trash cans and cleaning the base boards in the bathroom with a dryer sheet. Oh yeah baby.

This wave also reminded me that I should do another round of Spring Picks, and so I shall.

Is it a coincidence that I've been looking for a good cross body/messenger bag and all of the sudden they seem to be everywhere for Spring? I'd like to chalk it up to be being a taste-maker, but that's stretching it. Sometimes you just need a little bag to put your keys, id, and cta pass in before you rush out the door, and with my winter coat it's impossible to get the staps of a tote bag to stay up on my shoulder: that's where the cross body bag makes things easier!

The splurge on this page is the Upwardly Mobile Satchel in Neon Pink from Modcloth. Bright, cheery, you're guarenteed not to lose track on it, and it's right on trend with spring neons. It's currently sold out but like any indie clothing site they re-order based on demand, so demand it! Otherwise it comes in orange, the color of the year!

Also hopping on the trend train is this fringed bag from Minnetonka which will give any sweet spring outfit a touch of the 70s boho vibe. Pair with a floral maxi dress or cut-offs and your favorite shredded band t-shirt. 

Tribal print has also been showing up everywhere from sundresses to sheer pants, so it's only fair that it be included on the tribal print bag from Delia's.

Last week I had this green messenger bag in my hands and was headed to the checkout counter when I realized that the line was too long for me to get back to work in time. The perils of lunch break shopping!

The mustard bag from Forever 21 is sold out, but here's a link to an even cuter one that has more of a romantic touch.  

Neutral tan with a poppy coral contrast piping, this  is sure to add a lady like touch to all of your outfits while keeping it clean and modern.

And finally the Beach Party Pink canvas bag lives up to its name with a bright color and a party of zippered pockets perfect for stashing a credit card here, a lip balm there; perfect for a back-pain free night out or running errands.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Getting Polished

Orientation for my new job was last week and as you might know it's in food service (crack theatre/food service joke here please). They were going over dress code, hair up, hat on, personal hygiene, blah blah blah, and no nail polish. No what?!

I've worked in food service before but I'd always managed to get out of taking off my polish. At the pizza place I answered phones and cashiered the majority of the time. At the bubble tea cafe I was an assistant manager so I rarely prepped the food.

"What about acrylics?" I ask.

"No." says my general manager.

"What about gel manicures? They're safe for nurses."

"No, your natural nails are just fine."

Except they're not!. The winter has made them peely, soft, and easy to rip off, not to mention my preoccupation with biting them when I'm stressed. I need nail polish to cover that up and help my nails grow. My giant make-up bag of polishes: What will become of them? Are they doomed to sit in my bathroom cabinet forever? What about my Artist-Self (that I've been ignoring lately). She loves sparkly, bright, bold nail polishes to go with her spunky, fun and stylish outfits!

Since the restaurant isn't open Saturdays and Sundays I can wear polish on weekends. So today I came home from work and realized that I have a whole two and a half days to wear nail polish!

It's Lucerne-Tainly Look Marvelous from OPI. Kind of a sparkly gun metal shade that goes with everything and will be easy to take off on Sunday night.

But when it comes down to it I'd much rather be employed that wearing funky nail polish...I guess.

Doing anything fun with your nails this weekend?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

You Sly Boots

So soon after crossing one thing off my 24 before 24 list I think I've managed to cross off another.

2.) Buy one investment piece I'll have forever.

Mom sent me an awesome care package for Valentine's Day and when I called her up to thank her for it she said "there should be one more thing coming." I had my ideas about what it might be, but I didn't want to presume too much since she'd already given me so many lovely things. I walked home in the drizzle and found this big box on my front door. I grabbed it, ran upstairs and barely made it inside the door to open it on the living room floor. I didn't even need scissors, I was so excited that I ripped the box open and this is what was inside:

I screeched! Immediately I pulled them over my work jeans and sat on the floor, just marveling at their happy red color. I have been bemoaning my lack of waterproof boots, specifically these wellies since I moved to Chicago and now I finally have a pair! I don't care if it rains or not tomorrow, I'm still wearing them.

And come hell or (hopefully) high water, I will save these boots until my kids can wear them!

P.S. I love you Mom, thank you so much for my red boots!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Before our four year the Viking and I agreed that due to my job-less-ness we shouldn't get each other anything. We could wait until next year when I was doing better and we'd really do it up big. But as of last Monday I am consistently employed during the daylight hours!

After washing the last of the blueberry pancake dishes Viking Boyfriend looked at me and said: "I want to buy you a camera, let's go to Target." I hemmed and hawed over it for a few moments but ultimately realized that I can't pass up trip to Target. It's truly impossible. "Okay, we can go look."

We passed up the make-up and shoes (and only slightly dipped in to the women's section to look at the cute spring stuff) and arrived at electronics. I played with every camera, comparing the pixels, making sure the screens were big enough and the buttons easy to understand. I wanted an updated version of my compact point and shoot, but the Viking insisted on picking something different.

It's a Canon Powershot SX150 IS. The Viking says that it looks more professional, and it might inspire me to take more pictures for the blog. It also reminds me of the camera my mom had when we were kids.

I'm still figuring out all the settings, but I feel like one lucky lady right about now.

No worries about the Viking getting a gift. As soon as I get my first paycheck I'll be strolling on down to the nearest Gamestop.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Spring Fever Picks Part One

At my theatre job I've had some time to flex my creative dressing muscles in the way of looking professional, stylish, and confidant (which I do so love dressing for), and my new part time job has a uniform (again) so I'm reduced to dreaming about what I'll be wearing later. All this combined with the sense of Spring just around the corner has me jonesing for some wardrobe updates!

I had picked out six things I was excitedly looking forward to adding to my wardrobe but the post turned in to an absolute monster that I had no hope of controlling or convincing people to read. So, I split it up!

The first of my Spring style obsessions is pastel colored denim. This has been a fairly obvious trend but I am none the less excited to acquire a pair for myself.

I made no secret of my love for red and even rusty orange jeans. Now I need a light pink or minty colored pair. Lust-worthy are the toothpick jeans from J-Crew in neon persimmon, but the attainable reality is probably closer to this equally cute American Eagle pair of skinny jeans in pink dust or the minty cropped twill pants from Aerie in grove.

Even thought they're not full on jeans these shorts from Express and Topshop's Moto cut-offs are calling my name too! If baby pink and minty fresh aren't your style, then I also loved the cheap chic capris from Forever 21, the low rise jeggings from Delia's, and supersoft skinny lavender pair from Topshop.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Four Year

To My Viking:

Happy Four Year Anniversary! We're celebrating in the usual fashion: being pre-occupied with work, wandering Target, finding time in the evening to watch tv, and making blueberry pancakes in the morning. Love you darling.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Busy Making Plans...

If you adore having a set schedule and you are driven batty when the plans you made in advance are drastically changed at the last minute, then theatre is not the pursuit for you. When I first graduated college the concept of "roll with it" was all but foreign to me. Once the Viking entered grad school my plan-making tendencies were quickly matched and defeated. You never know what's coming next...which brings me to this weekend.

What I planned to happen: It's the four year anniversary of when the Viking and I started dating this Sunday! The plan was for him to drive up Friday afternoon, spend the day with me and volunteer at the theatre tonight. Tomorrow we'd hang out around the apartment, maybe explore the city, and volunteer again. Then on Sunday we'd have a leisurely anniversary breakfast and I would make my way to the theatre, and the Viking would return to grad school.

What's really happening is: I'll be at the theatre tonight and the Viking can't simply arrive at my apartment when no one is there so he'll be driving in at 11:00pm. Tomorrow I'll be training at work so I'll be gone for six hours and come home just in time to get ready to go to the theatre again. Sunday morning Viking will have to leave (breakfast or no breakfast) so I can make it to the matinee on time.

If this had happened to me a year ago I would have cried. I had made these beautiful plans and they were all wrecked. I had no one to blame but my own wishful thinking.
Nowadays there's nothing to do but bounce back and restrategize. Just because it isn't the weekend I pictured doesn't make it a bad weekend, and I'm sure we'll have as much fun and I'll eat just as many blueberry pancakes!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Interview Bandit

I've managed to tell you a job interview horror story of which the likes I had never seen, but I have a new one that I think will knock your socks off:

Me and four other applicants were sitting in the place of business going around in a circle, group interview style, and trying to give better answers than everyone else but in general just getting to know each other. After the interview we were asked to move aside for the next group, but when we got up an interviewee noticed that her pocket-book was missing. Just a small brown clutch so we thought "it has to be around here somewhere!" "is is behind the front desk?"
 "did you leave it in the bathroom?" No, no, and no.

A couple applicants admitted to seeing suspicious people walking in, scanning the place, and coming back with a bigger group of people only to rush out again, but no one suspected that they would steal her purse right from under her feet!

We tried calling her cell in the purse and when no one answered we used another girl's phone GPS on and it tracked two blocks away to a department store! They were obviously wasting no time so she called the police who told her there was nothing they could do other than to have her file a report. Luckily the only things in the purse were her debit card, her cell, and her student I.D. she used to get in to her dorm room so it was all replaceable, but geez! She left the interview to get to the bank and cancel the debit card.

Have any interview horror stories of your own?

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Care Package

I thought I'd show everyone the awesome care package my Mama sent me for Valentine's Day! '

She started doing this for me when I went to college a whole twenty minutes down the highway. There's nothing like receiving a package and showing everyone what your lovely mom sent you. I immediately ripped the box open and sorted through the contents naming off each thing with an un-controllable glee to the Viking over the phone.

Along with the aforementioned Bridesmaids dvd and Excuse-Moi Muppets nail polish the package also came chocked full of my favorite stuff like Sweet Tarts, which taste better in heart form or even chick, duck, and bunny form around Easter. Peanut butter M&Ms, Cheryl's Cookies (not all are in the picture because I ate one already), and gift cards to Dunkin Donuts which is my favorite place to score iced coffee, and Old Navy. I'm keeping my eye out for something springy, maybe one of these choices?

She even threw in my running shoes so I don't have to wear my busted toning shoes anymore. I'll welcome them back in to my life tonight with Running Buddy. I haven't been to a meeting in a couple weeks, eeps!

So thank you Mom! You're the best at making me feel like I'm right at home, even when I'm not!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Countdown

Cookies & Chocolate Consumed: 5

Whitney Houston ring tones heard on the el: 4

Pink, red, and black themed outfit changes: 3

Interviews completed today: 2

Part time jobs landed: 1

Awwww yeah! I capped it all off by eating a celebratory burrito, watching Bridesmaids, having a glass of white zin, and eating more chocolate than is recommended in one sitting. Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Holding Court

I just thought everyone should know what Chicago food court food looks like. Serious bussniess. After an interview and an errand I decided to break my rule: don't eat out by yorself. Save the money for when friends are going out so you don't have to turn them down. But I was so hungry and knew I had more perusing to do before I hopped the el back north, so had a delicious slab of chicken parm with garlic oil sauteed pasta (which later leaked all over the take-out bag and made the American Eagle smell like a pizza joint.)

Next I swung by the post office and mailed a now belated v-day prezzie for Mom and decided to get cute valentine's day stamps for the now belated cards I sent out. Do these look like valentine's day stamps to you? I think they say: "Come to my rockin' new year's eve party!" or "Hey all! It's my 8th birthday!" But they still made me smile!

Once home a valentine's day care package had arrived from Mom! I'll share the rad goodies tomorrow, but I immediatly plucked out the Excuse-Moi! glitter nail polish and adorned my ring finger. Since I have interviews tomorrow maybe it wasn't the most professional choice, but if they can't take a little "spread the love" guesture then bah-humbug! Or the Valentine's Day eqivilent: "it's just a Halmark holiday!"

Off the topic, I always thought Valentine's day was about celebrating the ones in your life that you love, not bemoaning your relationship status. Why can't it be like it was in elementary school when we gave each other valentines and candy and got to have a party?

So call your grandma, bake brownies and drink cheap wine! Celebrate whoever it is you love and loves you back, even if it's just you and the dog/cat/crazy neighbors yelling from downstairs for the evening...that's what I'll be doing...minus the fuzzy pets. 

Have any awesome plans this Valentine's Day?

Sunday, February 12, 2012


In between job interviews and the show that I'm house managing opening this week I still managed to get to season 2 of Downton Abbey (Downton Abbey Counter: 3 consecutive posts this week.) I'm obsessed. Even tried to get Roommate to start watching it so I would have someone to gab with...he politely declined.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!


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Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Hot Box" and Other Lessons

Yesterday I woke up bright and early for an interview. Had some coffee from my special zoo coffee mug (thanks mom!) and caught the el to the loop

When you're on a train platform they have these things I like to call hot boxes* You press this button and heat lamps come on over your head and keep you warm like french fries. If you have a special friend with you in the hot box, feel free the make out with them without regard to others' personal space. If you are alone in the hot box, stare straight ahead, expressionless and emotionless and wait for the people making out behind you to go away.

After the interview I was feeling particularly chipper, so instead of transferring to the red line and going straight home, I decided to take the brown line all the way around the loop and get the scenic tour. At the Quincy station they have vintage posters every few feet, and a 1920s craftsman style vibe, and a whole hoard of pigeons that like to walk around like people which I thoroughly enjoyed.

We passed the river bridges which I couldn't manage to get a sweet picture of, but it did remind me that on St. Patrick's Day the city dyes the river green. It's my sole mission to get to the loop, Guinness in a coffee cup, and watch the  river go Irish. The snow was starting to sprinkle ever so slightly, then the flakes chubbed up and made the city look like a giant snow globe from far away.

I got off the el to run some errands and got to see what I assume to be a drug bust taking place right in the middle of the road. Then I got on the bus and watched a small child roll his Lemon Heads up and down his seat like they were Hot Wheels.

The morning adventures stopped there as I wanted nothing more than to go home, curl up with a peanut butter toast sandwich, and watch Downton Abbey (addicting I say!)

I hope everyone had an equally magical morning.

*Note: DO NOT ask where the "hot box" is on an el platform. You will most likely get dirty looks or unwanted attention from conspicuous persons.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Set Back

Today started at 5:45am. I couldn't find a parking spot last night so I parked in the school loading zone which meant waking up before the tots arrive and moving my vehicle. Luckily I have a few neighbors that have a really early commute so finding a space was only a 5 minute drive around the block. It wasn't too cold either, or maybe I was too sleepy to know it was cold. I briefly contemplated staying awake to watch the sun rise...

...but that romantic notion was quelled when I decided that I would treat myself with an extra hour of sleep. That's when everything went awry.

I woke up feeling like I did two weeks ago when I was too tired to do anything. I skipped writing in the morning and hung around in my sweats doing some work for my theatre job. Then I got a call from my Dad. Then another call for an interview. And then a call from my little brother.

So while all these calls were going on I slowly put on my "big girl pants" and started cleaning the apartment, writing my morning pages, writing out valentines, finishing Mama's valentine's present, and watching Downton Abbey. Each thing more productive than the last I tell you!

But despite the fact that my day closed out better than it started, tomorrow is going to be nuts. I might have to break my limited transit rule and take a whopping four rides on the el or bus tomorrow! Maybe I'll pretend that I have insta-gram and do a little photo tour of my day, wouldn't that be swell?

Also, if I were in Columbus, Ohio tomorrow, this is what I would be doing. There have been claims that it will make you poop your pants, and that's a heckuva bargain for a colon cleanse for only $5! But seriously, bring a date.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Building Up

I'll refer to yesterday as a "building day". I got a lot of work done in terms of the hunt, but obviously not a ton to show for it yet. One of my most frequented job search websites does this fun thing now where it sends you a report on how many people applied for the same job you did, how many years of experience they have, and how high their education is. You would think that it's something you'd want to know, but once you see in in poppy colored pie graphs you almost wish you hadn't.

Today is a deep breath kind of day. I'm letting the sun in to my room, making a grilled colby-jack and apple sandwich and trying to accept that it won't be like this forever.

There will come a day when I look back on this time in my life with gratitude. I allowed myself to take a risk, I made some mistakes, and ultimately I hope I'll come out better for it. Deep breaths.

In case you're wondering, my grilled colby-jack and apple sandwich is not one of those mistakes, it's delicious, inspiration here.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

As God Is My Witness...

This morning was an adjustment. First day back in the apartment, cold and gloomy, and running behind already. Luckily Roommate saw it in his heart to drop me off close to the Loop. But when I tried to get back I discovered that my CTA pass had expired. No more wandering the el lines of Chicago for me. Until I get a job I'm conserving my rides on the train or bus.

On "rainy days" such as these, I like to put on my sweatpants, grab a handful of dark chocolate, and put on my favorite "go get 'em champ" movie...
Not only can I zone out and recite every single line or inhale popcorn like some kind of popcorn inhaling vacuum, I get a lot of work done: a.k.a sitting with my laptop and applying for jobs, reading the news, and charging my feisty spirit. As God is my witness, they're not going to lick me.

What's your favorite rainy day movie?

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Blueberry Pancakes

I'm back having clocked six days, two performances and four orders of blueberry pancakes...yes FOUR! If you didn't believe that I was a secret fat kid before, I hope you'll trust me from now on. I can put it away, and I exercise for my own narcissism mostly.

This was Viking Boyfriend's yummy breakfast (it looked so happy!) but don't be fooled the pancakes in the background were bigger than my head. When we weren't noshing on breakfast foods there was a lot of this going on:

Viking Boyfriend bought a new game with his gift cards from x-mas and I scoured Craigslist like a fiend. At least two applications per day, and I also made some pretty rad Polyvore sets and beefed up my Pinterest, you know, so when I'm at a job interview and they ask "do you think you have an editorial view on fashion and design?" I can say "Why yes, please direct your attention to my glorious Pinterest!" I hear that's the first question they ask at the interview for Dunkin' Donuts.
And in between (Irish) Viking Boyfriend's performances I got to catch up on some writing and took Artist-Self on our second date! Cue music:

First Artist Self wanted to go try on some clothes, and frankly so did I. There's something therapeutic wandering racks of clothes, so I picked out a few outfits, and I let Artist-Self chose a few...

I picked out a buffalo plaid button up (huge shocker) and I let Artist-Self put a sleeveless trench over top of it. Not bad! I felt nice and Michael Kors-y in it and inspired me to thrift a trench coat just to rip the arms off of it.

I can hear the collective sighs of my friends already. "A blue dress? Again? Oh Kiley!" But hear me out, it had polka dots and it was swishy, and it reminded me of Spring.  It also seemed to compliment Viking Boyfriend's socks...yup, classy move.
Artist-Self picked this one out. Lots of color, reminded me of Florida, well done Artist-Self.

The next thing Artist-Self wanted to do was browse the make-up aisle for far too long, find some inexpensive Valentines (I can't show you or it wouldn't be a surprise!) and remembering that it was Jason Wu day at Target!

After the Missoni fiasco of last year, showing up at Target only to find baby leggings and a size 5 rain boot, I swore off designer collaborations no matter how lovely. Now of course when I got there all that was left were a few dresses and the t-shirts, but it was still a pleasant surprise (and look how much better the lighting is in there! I'll never buy a bathing suit anywhere else!)

This morning I packed it all up, kissed the Viking goodbye, and came back. The lake was a Tiffany Blue and the sun was shining, it's a sign right?

More Chicago adventures to come this week!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Two Lips

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Taking Saturday to catch up on things and Sunday to be a little bit lazy. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


Friday, February 3, 2012

The Application Shuffle

My long weekend at the country estates is making me fall behind on my writing, running, and actually getting ready for the day, oops.

But I got to see Viking Boyfriend play and Irishman and sing karaoke Tenacious D at the "after party". Viking Boyfriend got to watch me fill out job applications and do stuff like this all day:

If only someone would pay me to make Polyvore sets or play on Pinterest all day long...but as it stands it looks like I'm still unemployed. I've been stalking the Craiglist job postings like a honey badger on snakes and no one has sent me a response yet.

After the first few failed attempts at getting a part time job I tried to convince myself that I was going about it the wrong way and I should try and make the job hunt fun. I could try something I'd never tried before, something I have experience in and love to do, but the smaller my bank account becomes the smaller my options are looking. It gets difficult when you feel like you're not measuring up to the other 20-somethings that have jobs and a reliable income and don't need to stress out about the fact that they don't have 2+ years of Server experience...

and where in the blue blazes do you get the first two years of experience in Chicago anyway?

And to the unemployed folk out there: does it get annoying when you get bad (if not terrible) service at a restaurant or in retail and think "how does that rude person have a job and I don't?"

The mind reels.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Filling out job applications...

Using a picture of my niece Kira to convey my sighs.