Friday, February 24, 2012

Getting Polished

Orientation for my new job was last week and as you might know it's in food service (crack theatre/food service joke here please). They were going over dress code, hair up, hat on, personal hygiene, blah blah blah, and no nail polish. No what?!

I've worked in food service before but I'd always managed to get out of taking off my polish. At the pizza place I answered phones and cashiered the majority of the time. At the bubble tea cafe I was an assistant manager so I rarely prepped the food.

"What about acrylics?" I ask.

"No." says my general manager.

"What about gel manicures? They're safe for nurses."

"No, your natural nails are just fine."

Except they're not!. The winter has made them peely, soft, and easy to rip off, not to mention my preoccupation with biting them when I'm stressed. I need nail polish to cover that up and help my nails grow. My giant make-up bag of polishes: What will become of them? Are they doomed to sit in my bathroom cabinet forever? What about my Artist-Self (that I've been ignoring lately). She loves sparkly, bright, bold nail polishes to go with her spunky, fun and stylish outfits!

Since the restaurant isn't open Saturdays and Sundays I can wear polish on weekends. So today I came home from work and realized that I have a whole two and a half days to wear nail polish!

It's Lucerne-Tainly Look Marvelous from OPI. Kind of a sparkly gun metal shade that goes with everything and will be easy to take off on Sunday night.

But when it comes down to it I'd much rather be employed that wearing funky nail polish...I guess.

Doing anything fun with your nails this weekend?

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