Friday, March 30, 2012


Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! (or as they as they were known back then: Pam and Jack)

My mom posted this picture this morning and said: "typical. The bride is beaming and the groom is like 'oh good it's all over with!'"

27 years later, still beaming. Love you both.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Catch Up

Last night the festival of ten minute plays I was assistant stage managing ended. I severely underestimated the awesomeness of working on a festival of plays that only lasts six days. You're getting to work with a new company and you come in to contact with all kind of different artists in terms of directors, actors, stage managers, etc. The sad thing is you only really get to know everyone at the cast party when you're saying "so long".

I had an experience like this in Ohio working on a comedy festival, but it's different since all the troops go back to their homes (and I didn't have to get on stage and be made a fool doing a Monty Python dance number.) Here, everyone is still a Chicagoan. There's a chance I might get to work with everyone again, which would be lovely!

But now that the festival is over I can focus on stage managing a full length production for a company very close to my apartment. My friend has been substituting for me this past week so my first rehearsal with the cast is this Saturday for a photo call and blocking the second half of the show (blocking = stage movement/choreography I only realized that not everyone knows what this means when talking to Dad.)

So I'm a one show woman ya'll, and it feels fantastic! Hopefully now I can get back on track with writing, running, and cleaning my gross room. You couldn't tell by the garment rack pictures because I shoved everything out of the way, but I still have a trash bag of tops to put away and a pile of bikinis to sort through...ugh.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shopping My Closet

One of the perils of renting in Chicago (or in general) is the severe lack of storage space. My closet is more impressive than I expected, but with the addition of my Spring and Summer wardrobes space had become limited.

While I appreciate my closet for its high shelving and depth, it has a tiny door making parts of it very difficult to reach or see what I have back there.

But no more! For I have bought...a garment rack!

I got the idea while watching No Strings Attached...alone...the day before Valentine's thankyouverymuch (you can see it off to the right in this picture). It fits nicely in the nook between my closet and the door where I hang all my purses. Those bins are full of my winter clothes. Currently I have no place for them, so they will remain an end table/catchall.

It makes shopping my closet so much easier and adds some visually appealing "creative clutter" to my space. It's also going to make #22 on my 24 Before I'm 24 list a lot easier:

22. Shop my closet and wear all of my clothes. If I don’t, I have to donate it at the end of the season

I bought my garment rack at Target and it serves its purpose well enough for what it costs. Hopefully once my career becomes a little more lucrative I'll go for aesthetic and throw down the cash for the commercial grade version at the Container Store.

What do you think? Would you ever have a garment rack in your apartment?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Fever Picks: Polka Dots

I shouldn't say this is a "spring pick" because polka dots have always been my favorite. I remember wearing a white A-line dress with black polka dots to my grandparent's 50th anniversary party when I was fourteen, and Mom and Grandma assured me that I looked as classic as Lucille Ball. Who doesn't want that?

Photo Via

Polka dots can also be seen in my high school graduation party outfit, my college ID, and all over my darn Pinterest. But don't just take my word for it, Kate Spade, Anna Sui, Refinery 29, and Marie Claire know what I'm talking about.

If you're afraid of looking like Minnie Mouse, start off small with your accessories. These Asos sunglasses make a classically whimsical addition to an outfit, and this little yellow wallet from Target will make you smile every time you pull it out of your purse.
Photo via

These polka dot Converse from Delias are an easy way to add personality to jeans and a t-shirt. If uniform polka dots aren't your bag, I love these Lela Rose for Payless ballet flats. When people pick an accessory with so much color and pattern it can be difficult to combine with different outfits but here are a few ideas:

1. You can pick a color from the shoe and wear it in your outfit for a very put together look.

2. You can wear more neutral colors and make the shoes the focal point of the outfit.

3. You can throw caution to the wind and wear them however the heck you please! If wearing a bunch of color and pattern is scary, pick an accessory that matches to tie it back in with the shoes.

Stand out from the stripedy crown and trade in your nautical boat neck t-shirt for a polka dotted one. This double breasted polka dot jacket also ups the chic factor when you throw it on over a sundress or your cropped white jeans.  
As Mom was packing up the car to leave on Saturday, she made me promise not to spend any money on shorts (or lipstick.) But if I hadn't made that promise, these polka dot challis shorts from Target would be in my drawer. You can see them being worn with exceptional pattern mixing here from What I Wore. Also creeping in to my closet would be these polka dot skinny jeans from Quiksilver. The quirkiness is undeniable and yet they're so subtle you can wear them with anything you would pair normal jeans with. But still, I have a promise to keep... *sigh*
Photo via

There's nothing more classic than a polka dot dress, and Mom pointed this polka dot shirt dress from JC Penny that reminds me of Pretty Woman. This peach polka dotted skirt from Forever 21 is aptly named essential circle skirt and it comes in beautiful colors. I had a bear of a time making this set because you can practically pair it with anything!

Photo via

Lastly, I'd like someone to assure me that it's okay to spend this much on the beach blanket bingo swimsuit from Modcloth. I'm so used to paying $10 per piece, but I'm almost positive that this maillot de bain is magical in flattering all body types and making you look like a sexy pin up girl on the beach. Either that or its cousin at Old Navy. And that grey polka dotted skirt, egad! You should definitely try some polka dot on polka dot action.

Personally I'm loving the essential circle skirt, but which one of these pieces is your favorite?

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Yesterday Mom and Reid had to pack up and go. I made a serious attempt and writing another Spring Fever Picks post, but I kept getting side tracked by room organization and watching movies. I watched three yesterday! Here are the last few pictures from Friday...

Reid didn't want to be in another picture so our waiter "George Clooney" sat next to him.

The Best Cinnamon Roles in Chicago from Ann Sather's. They are absolutely drowning in cream cheese frosting if ya can't tell. 

You know when you realize that a good time is coming to an end and you just want to stretch it out just a little bit further? Yesterday morning I drank my coffee as slowly as possible, didn't do the fast paced city walk from my apartment to Heartland to get french toast, and took my time looking over the apartment for anything they might leave behind. It didn't fully hit me until Reid texted to say they were home and having dinner. Needless to say a weepy phone call to the Viking was in order.

Today it's back to the grind. Preview for the festival I'm ASM-ing tonight followed by a short run of performances until Wednesday, and then stage managing a main stage for a theatre company near my apartment.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday!


Friday, March 23, 2012

Pleasure and Culture

Yesterday we got my car tire plugged (yay!) went to Target (double yay!) and enjoyed delicious delicious green bean fries, begian ales, and burgers at Hamburger Mary's in Andersonville where they deliver your check in a platform pump! We passed the time by watching people argue with the meter maid and enjoying the sunshine.

After lunch it started to rain which cooled the city off drastically, so it was time for an outfit change. We walked up and down the Mag. Mile and dipped in to Water Tower Mall for some shopping and looked for a place to eat. We finally agreed that ice cream was in order and went to Zanzibar in Edgewater for cafe salads and junior sundaes.

We capped off the night by watching Bridesmaids, trueling laptops all the way. Today is the last full day and it's already raining! We'll see what mischief we can get in to before they leave.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Tourist(s)

How much fun it is to be a tourist again! Whenever I have friends from out of town I love taking them to the touristy spots and the dives so they get the full experience. It also reminds me how cool the city is. I walk past Millennium Park every day to get to work and all but ignore it in the commute.

Off topic: I missed this dress. Mom brought the rest of my clothes from Ohio and this was one of my first picks out of the bin. I was even applauded by a high school field trip at the park! This dress has magical powers.

The Mane Event

So I know you've been waiting with "baited breath" since January and I'm here to reveal it...I finally got my locks cut! Here's your before for reference:

Mom and Reid rolled in to town yesterday and despite having driven all day my mom looked patiently at my hair pinterest board and nodded as I went over the pros and cons of each hair style. I slept on it, woke up, picked it out:

Picture via

And this is what I got:

Oh mama it was an emotional hair cut! I "mis-communicated" with my stylist about the length. I wanted collar bone grazing strands like the picture and she claimed I asked for shoulder length. Never mind that it doesn't even touch my shoulders. She also cut it very bluntly and I felt too juvenile.

She got very defensive until I asked her to go get my mom (oh yeah, I brought out the big guns). Mom tried to bridge the gap in communication and my eyes started to water, then she finally got the hint. She apologized and gave my ends some texture which made it look far less childish. Now I feel much better about it, but at the time I was having some serious white girl problems. I might go back to that salon...just not with that stylist.

The rest of the day was spent sight seeing, riding trains, eating lots of tasty food, and swishing my hair from side to side. Isn't it strange when you go to grab for it and it's not there? Shampooing will be a whole different experience!


Monday, March 19, 2012

Not Easy Being Green

When I first embarked on this Wear Green All Weekend Quest I thought to myself: "This will be so easy!" Green is my favorite color so I own a number of green tops and pants that would normally make this a breeze. But upon looking through my stores of clothing I realized that I left all of my green clothes in Ohio! So I had to improvise a little bit:

I wore this to house management on Friday. I bought this peplum top when Whiskey-Pants was here, and with new clothes I either wear them immediately or save them for a special occasion. In this case I wanted to wear it when the sun was shining and it was above 70 degrees. 

// Peplum Top: H&M (similar peplum style here) / Crop Pants: Gap / Wool Pumps: Payless (similar wool here) / Lipstick: Maybelline in Coral Crush //

This was for St. Patrick's Day Adventures with Running Buddy and house management Saturday. St. Patrick's Day morning I realized that my lack of emerald clothing would call for some substitutions and this mint cardigan did the trick.

// V-Neck Top: Target / White Jeans: Delias / Cardigan: Gap (similar color here) / Sunglasses: Target / Camera Bag: Target / Shoes Not Pictured: Old Navy (similar studded style here) //

I wore it last weekend for house management and then changed out of it realizing I needed something more comfortable, but I snapped a picture just the same!

// Wrap Sweater: H&M (similar wrap style here) / Tank Top: Gap (similar style here) / Pencil Skirt: Express (similar high waisted here) / Gold Tights: NY & Co (similar color here) / Shoes Not Pictured: Target //

I had to cheat and wear the mint cardigan again for house management on Sunday. I'm guessing this is Mom's favorite outfit because it's the drape-y top she loves so well. Last summer every time we walked in to Aerie we commented on its beauty, but $40 was too much to spend on a top. Finally after a coupon hunt we were ready to buy. Afterwards I convinced Mom that she needed one too seeing as she was so obsessed with it, and so she has a red one just like it.

// Floral Top: Aerie (similar floral style here)(similar chiffon style here) / Cargo Pants: Old Navy (similar cargo style here) / Cardigan: Gap / Tank Top: Gap / Shoes (not pictured) Sperry //

This one I based on my St Patty's Day Outfit Ideas post, figuring that I had to try and replicate at least one look since the kelly green J Crew shorts are a tad out of my reach. After editing these photo I also realize that I need a better picture situation in terms of lighting, or at the very least I need to make my bed and clean my mirror.

// Top: Old Navy (similar mandarin collar here) / Cardigan: Old Navy (similar crop style here) / Crop Pants: American Eagle / Dream shoes to go with this outfit: American Eagle  //

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did creating them. As I said before I'm only a frustrated stylist and the clothes I own are, of course, all affordable. Which one is your favorite? 

Sunday, March 18, 2012


I hope everyone enjoyed or is recovering from their St. Patrick's Day! 

I can not emphasize enough that I had no idea how big St. Patty's day is here. I took pictures of my green outfits and adventures with Running Buddy and I'll share on Monday.

Today is the last day of House Managing! Next up: ASM-ing a short festival and Stage Managing right after that. Plus, Mom and Reid are coming to visit! This is going to be a fun, fun week!


Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patty's Day Outfit Ideas

I went to school in a place called Dublin. Our mascot was The Fighting Irish, our school colors were green and silver, so I've grown up with this entusiasum for St Patrick's Day. But I didn't realize that St. Patty's Day is kind of a big deal in Chicago! People have been filing in and out of work all week wearing their kelly green tops and shamrock printed ties which has been lots of fun.

I'd be lying if I told you I didn't like dressing up for the holidays, the more obvious the better, especially since my mom had a habit of pinching us if we didn't wear green. This being my last weekend of house management I'm going to do it up big with some fantastic emerald outfit combinations.

I'll try and post my own outfits for a change instead of creating sets, but I'll be darned if these aren't some cute St. Patrick's Day outfits (those green shorts are rocking my world!) Which one is your favorite?

Photo via

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Spring of Things

The hardest part of my day (thankfully) was watching women in adorable spring outfits come in and out of work today. Their skirts, sandals, tank tops, it was such torture to my jeans and t-shirt. Unfortunately it was not to be had and I'll just have to keep on dreaming. Maybe I'll try and go out tomorrow night, just so I get dressed in my spring finest.

If you recall my floral post, you'll know that I was obsessing over a certain pair of floral pants. They arrived and to my chagrin they fit perfectly in the waist and not at all in the leg. This will be the last time I order jeggings from a junior's store. Of course now there is a floral pants shaped hole in my heart that can not be filled.

I tried on these cuties at H&M and alas! They didn't have my size. So I'm still on the hunt. Wish me luck, I shall need it.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ray of Sunshine

There's currently a competition at work to bring in one photo that best describes your weekend...I think you win a gift card or something. But if I had to pick a picture that described today it would be this one:

This picture was actually taken senior year of high school. But shhh! Don't tell anyone! I look almost exactly the same, and I've maintained my charm.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Color Coiffure

Last week I lured Running Buddy to my apartment with the promise of spaghetti and Pinterest and asked her if she wouldn't mind helping me cross off #5 off my 24 before 24 list:

5.) Dye My Hair

My hair hasn't been dyed since last May and my highlights had grown out in to what is now known as the "ombre" trend. I needed a shake up and thought a little blonde would be the way to go.

A recent picture for your "before" reference. My light brown roots and faded highlights at the ends.

And this is what it looks like now! I realize it's a subtle change, but it did even out my hair color and give me a slightly red tint that I have naturally.

As you can see I didn't get as much dye on my bangs and underneath. I think I'll try the foam variety of hair color for more even coverage next time. 

The next step: get my hair cut. I feel squirmy just thinking about it since I still don't know what I want to do with it. I will most likely play it in my usual fashion: make an appointment, decide once I get there, be upset about it for a little while, then grow it out again. The circle of hair life.

What are you thinking? Should I dye it lighter in a few weeks? Go back to brunette? Let it grow out in to ombre again? Shave it all off and save myself the greif?

Sunday, March 11, 2012


I gather everyone is enjoying springing forward today; it means Spring is theese close! (pinches fingers together for approximation of closeness)

Check out this oldschool picture (from last year). Rocking bangs and ombre hair right on trend!

The Viking is coming to visit briefly today. He was supposed to drop someone off at the airport who no longer needs a ride, but he decided to come down anyway and have some brunch and bring me my beloved cajun trail mix that I can't get in Chicago. Isn't he lovely?

And it's supposed to be in the 60's in Chicago all week! I can't wait to see tree lined streets for the first time here! Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday!


Saturday, March 10, 2012

An Invitation

This blog post is an open invitation to Mom and my brother Reid to come visit me in Chicago in a couple weeks. It's their spring break and they're not sure if they want to spend a few days hanging out with me in my trendy Chicago pad. But I'm here to convince them that we could have a rockin' good time.

When you got here we could decide what we wanted to do for dinner, I'm thinking I might have to re-make the home made beer mac and cheese from Chicago's Live Love Pasta food blog to show you what an adult I am (seriously, I grate fresh cheese!) Either that or we could order Chinese-Takeout from, because when "being an adult" doesn't work out you still have to feed yourself.

On the first day we would wake up at a leisurely hour and go down to The Loop to see Millennium Park. I might have to duck in to work for lunch rush but you can always visit me or go shopping instead! Before going back to my apartment we could always swing by Roots Pizza for some "Quad-Cities" pizza. I've never had it but I hear rave reviews from my co-workers.

The second day we could take it a little slower. Maybe paninis from mine and mom's fave spot Zanzibar. Potentially a small driving tour of the theatres I've worked in and some relaxing at my apartment. For dinner we can try out Kuma's Corner which is apparently home to the best burgers in Chicago. I think Reid might appreciate their Heavy Metal theme...

Since you can't come to Chicago without getting a little culture in, I could get us tickets to a show at Neo-futurists. Either their sketch show Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind or their new main stage Pinocchio as told by Frankenstein's Monster.

I know you guys have to get back to Columbus, but before you take off we could stop by Ann Sather's for some brunch and a cinnamon roll before you hit the road. I'm testing it out this weekend with the Viking so I'll make sure it's delicious before you come.

To be honest though, even if you guys want to show up and watch endless Netflix I'll still be happy because you'd be coming to visit me and I miss you both so very much! So think about it, and let me know when to start grating cheese for your arrival.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ready Set Go

Today unraveled. Somewhere in between getting to work and eating a fresh scone and walking home asking the Viking when my life was going to start.

Work was stressful. We had more managers on duty than usual and they kept yelling how long our ticket times were taking and I couldn't handle it. I kept getting more and more upset and moving at a slower pace because of it.

Then on the train ride home I listened to this woman who was at least 5 years older than me talk to her mother on the phone. She is an actress, she works a temp job at an office and she's thinking about transferring to a sales job that would allow her to move to New York. But it's commission based so how would she be relied upon to pay rent from month to month? She hasn't acted in a performance in 9 months and she's thinking about going back to storefront theatre so at least she'd be doing something, even if she wasn't being paid for it.

I got off the train and suddenly didn't feel like walking home, or at all. I wanted someone to scoop me up and carry me there, and lay me down in bed and tell me it was going to be okay. So I called the Viking, just as I realized that I forgot a vital assignment for one of my theatre jobs that was due yesterday. I couldn't simply come home and lay down, I needed to get to work.

I stress ate a large salad, drank two glasses of coke, finished the assignment, and still haven't shampooed the coconut oil out of my hair from yesterday.

But I will shampoo my hair, I'll put on my red jeans and go out to see an old friend tonight, because I know that it will make me happy. I'm not going to hang out in my pjs all night sulking. My life has already started, there is no waiting anymore. This is my life and I'm just going to have to learn to roll with it.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring Fever Picks: Loafers, Moccosins, and Slip-Ons

Totally appropriate for a Spring Fever Post today since it's a balmy, breezy 60 degrees outside in Chicago! I will spend most of the day indoors serving up hot tasty food at work, but the commute will be a refreshing treat. I'm going to dig my flats out from the back of my closet and stash my boots for a bit! Speaking of which, here is my Spring Fever Pick #4: Loafers, Moccasins and Slip Ons! To me they are the stylish, quirkly cousins of flats. Classic yet unexpected, and easy to throw on and run out the door!
The first pair that seemed to be blowing up the blogosphere were these leopard print darlings from Steve Madden. Masculine in design yet feminine in print. It is my belief that leopard print is a neutral, so go ahead and pair it with your striped shirt, pink jeans, or red sundress!

Another trend firing up the runways is tangerine tango. I know quite a few people who refuse to wear orange because they're afraid it clashes with their coloring, but what better way to bring the color in to your wardrobe than by having a pop of color on your feet? These rubber tangerine loafers are also good for splashing around in the puddles!

Ah the Thunderbird's. I first fell in love with them when Mom and I were shopping. "I used to have a pair of these when I was growing up!" Mom exclaimed. So these moccasins are doing double duty for me: bringing back the nostalgia and fashion of the 70s and they're mom approved. If you need more proof that Thunderbirds are awesome, pop on over to Delightfully Tacky where she outfitted her bridesmaids in matching Thunderbirds. How cute is that?!

Sunny, cheery, goes with almost everything in your spring wardrobe, these penny loafers from Old Navy are basics with a twist, although if you are looking to stock up on your inexpensive footwear staples these come in tan and navy too.
I couldn't resist putting these color blocked girly suede loafers from Asos in to the mix. A statement all on their own, you can keep it simple with a t-shirt and jeans or dress it up a button up and light weight capris for the office. Wanna go more rock and roll? Shredded band t-shirt, cut-offs with your fiercest leopard print accessory. Done, done, and done.
Sperry's first came in to my life last fall when I held up the productivity of a Journey's salesman trying each pair on. I went with the basic tan pair of Angelfish Slip Ons and I love them! They go with everything and now I'm jonesing for a metallic pair. Metallic: also a neutral. Pair them with spring's color denim, some leopard print (a neutral remember!)...or anything really! I'm inspired by the way Trop Rouge wears hers.

TOMS. I may be the last person alive that doesn't have a pair of these socially concious slip ons. I've been considering them because they're for a good cause, and hey, these pastel crochet cuties are the perfect addition to a spring wardrobe, despite the fact that I'd be leaning towards the classic canvas for practical (work) reasons.

These bubble gum pink pair of loafers from Asos. Girly and fun they would fem up even the most tomboyish outfit and they're everything that a loafer should be!

Lastly, I had to include this sparkly pair of loafers from American Eagle. Some like to save the sparkles for the holiday/winter months where it's all about candle-lit sophistication and looking festive. But if they can come out with sequinned shorts then I think we can give these babies a try. Give your most basic summer staples an edge or glam up a sexy going-out outfit with faux leather leggings and a tank top. In the time it took my to write this post these loafers sold out, no kidding! So here's a delightful pair from my favorite hipster paradise Anthropologie. 

Now that you know what to wear on your tootsies for today, I'm going to ditch blog reading for some time outdoors!

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