Friday, February 3, 2012

The Application Shuffle

My long weekend at the country estates is making me fall behind on my writing, running, and actually getting ready for the day, oops.

But I got to see Viking Boyfriend play and Irishman and sing karaoke Tenacious D at the "after party". Viking Boyfriend got to watch me fill out job applications and do stuff like this all day:

If only someone would pay me to make Polyvore sets or play on Pinterest all day long...but as it stands it looks like I'm still unemployed. I've been stalking the Craiglist job postings like a honey badger on snakes and no one has sent me a response yet.

After the first few failed attempts at getting a part time job I tried to convince myself that I was going about it the wrong way and I should try and make the job hunt fun. I could try something I'd never tried before, something I have experience in and love to do, but the smaller my bank account becomes the smaller my options are looking. It gets difficult when you feel like you're not measuring up to the other 20-somethings that have jobs and a reliable income and don't need to stress out about the fact that they don't have 2+ years of Server experience...

and where in the blue blazes do you get the first two years of experience in Chicago anyway?

And to the unemployed folk out there: does it get annoying when you get bad (if not terrible) service at a restaurant or in retail and think "how does that rude person have a job and I don't?"

The mind reels.

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