Friday, February 17, 2012

Busy Making Plans...

If you adore having a set schedule and you are driven batty when the plans you made in advance are drastically changed at the last minute, then theatre is not the pursuit for you. When I first graduated college the concept of "roll with it" was all but foreign to me. Once the Viking entered grad school my plan-making tendencies were quickly matched and defeated. You never know what's coming next...which brings me to this weekend.

What I planned to happen: It's the four year anniversary of when the Viking and I started dating this Sunday! The plan was for him to drive up Friday afternoon, spend the day with me and volunteer at the theatre tonight. Tomorrow we'd hang out around the apartment, maybe explore the city, and volunteer again. Then on Sunday we'd have a leisurely anniversary breakfast and I would make my way to the theatre, and the Viking would return to grad school.

What's really happening is: I'll be at the theatre tonight and the Viking can't simply arrive at my apartment when no one is there so he'll be driving in at 11:00pm. Tomorrow I'll be training at work so I'll be gone for six hours and come home just in time to get ready to go to the theatre again. Sunday morning Viking will have to leave (breakfast or no breakfast) so I can make it to the matinee on time.

If this had happened to me a year ago I would have cried. I had made these beautiful plans and they were all wrecked. I had no one to blame but my own wishful thinking.
Nowadays there's nothing to do but bounce back and restrategize. Just because it isn't the weekend I pictured doesn't make it a bad weekend, and I'm sure we'll have as much fun and I'll eat just as many blueberry pancakes!

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