Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The V

The way I originally imagined this post was to give you a round up of all the cute things I saw about Valentine's Day, which is tomorrow people. Instead, I found these things...

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Grumpy Cat Doesn't Like Valentine's

The best way to say I Love You is with bacon

Chicago Reader's Romance is for Suckers, great short stories

Looking forward to the next holiday

And finally, "Joe" and his pal Murray on Sesame Street. Joe is sporting a tee with the heart on it, so I'm sure this counts. Eat it up ladies and gentlemen.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mardi Gras

Wishing I had found a way to Mardi Gras this year. Spending some time with my family, reliving my "glorious" 21st birthday down in the Quarter. As it stands I'll be sporting my yellow, purple and green, and possibly making red beans and rice or oven baked beignets. Not the same I realize but you've got to make do sometimes. Of course if anyone wanted to find a place to grab a hurricane, I'd be down for that too!

Friday, February 8, 2013


Another V-day themed outfit? Don't mind if I do...
V-Day Outfit 2

Since I'm so fond of coming up with the names for these things, I call this one "I still have to work that day but maybe I can cut out early and meet you guys at a dive bar where we do $3 Hooker shots and complain about how we are too fancily dressed for this place." 

On another note, looking back at my other V-Day outfit I don't know why I have a penchant for the edgy this holiday. I'm not normally not the type, but Bruce Willis is really getting to me. Also I hope everyone assumes that I'm wearing tights and a big fluffy North Face coat. I don't want to advocate freezing your bum off for the sake of Valentine's Day. Believe me, I saw enough bare legs on New Years to warrant a PSA in the greater Chicago area. Ladies: you do not want inner thigh frost bite. Unattractive.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday Fever

I had to leave work early today. I'll spare you graphic details but there is nothing more delightful then the height of your illness taking place in a bathroom where there are children present:

"Mom, is she sick?"

"Yes Sweetheart."

"Should we help her?"

"No honey, just leave her alone."

One L ride and a trudge through the slush later I was curled up in bed eating saltine crackers and watching the "wintery mix" come down. That's snow mixed with freezing rain if you're unfamiliar with Chicago's positive phrases that all boil down to meaning "shitty weather." I'm starting to get itchy for spring and Valentine's Day hasn't even happened yet. I'm really counting heart shaped dark chocolate and photo evidence of warmer climates to pull me through the rest of this winter...

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

18 Days

When E signed me up for the Color Run I thought it would be easy training. I would locate one of my Pinterest plans and get to work in a month... problem being most plans start 10 weeks out and I currently have 8. Oops. Of course I can't be caught dead running outdoors, because if I were running outdoors right now I might actually BE dead. Many Chicagoans (and possibly even me this time last year) would disagree, but in my defense I was in better shape a year ago today. I had come from of a job where I walked 10+ miles a day and I jumped in to running like it was no big thing. Now the only practice I get is when I need to catch a train or run back to the time clock when my break is over...could we count that as a speed drill?

So in lieu of trail running for the time being I joined the community center gym by my apartment and the blue hairs and I have been rocking it out on the ellipticals...honestly they are so friendly. "Are you new here? Welcome!" I re-stocked the cabinets with a slew of new and healthier groceries courtesy of Muffin-Topless. I also Pinterest picked a few strength training routines to build some lean muscle in the mean time. I tried my first routine last night: Refinery 29's Beach Body workout and I am sore as all get out today. It feels fantastic.

If you recall last winter when I did try winter running I promptly gave up when I became too stressed and overwhelmed. This is probably the worst reason to quit working out seeing as it helps manage that stress, but my unemployment logic wasn't all that solid. But this time I come armed with knowledge: it takes 18 days to create a habit. If I give it my all for 18 days I will come to prioritize what my body needs to be happy which is healthy food and a nice work out. Three days in and feeling fine!

Friday, February 1, 2013


Happy February everyone! Aren't we collectively glad that January finally bit the dust? Me too. 

Now there's nothing I love more than dressing for a theme, and Valentine's Day kind of shakes up the winter routine of black slacks and pull over sweaters which is always a plus. If you'll recall last year I made an outfit for staying in, but to kick off February I thought I would plan a "going out" outfit.

V-Day Outfit 1

I call this one the "I'm probably going to see the new Die Hard movie and then have cocktails with friends." And by cocktails with friends I mean I'm going to sneak PBR in to the theatre in that adorable clutch purse. The Valentine's Day of dreams, no?