Saturday, February 25, 2012

Productivity/ Spring Fever Picks Part 2

Today I woke up at 8:30am without prompting, made breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen. I put my big girl pants on and went to the bank and then the grocery store. Came back, made waffles for lunch. Read a couple chapters in Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter while guarding my laundry in the spin cycle (crazy person put one outfit down to the socks and underwear in each washer and dryer and has left it there all day. I moved his stuff to do my own and wanted to make sure he didn't dump my laundry in the snow.)

Came back and changed the trash can liners, tidied the living room, cleaned the kitchen some more and took out the trash. Checked my laundry, still there. Vacuumed my room and the dust bunny colony in the front hallway. Wrote a card to E, caught up on my house management gig for tonight, folded laundry, and wound down to watch an episode of Party Down and eat cajun trail mix.

When a wave of productivity comes there is no sense in questioning its awesome power to make you do things you would normally be annoyed by. Just let the feeling take you where it will, which is usually wiping down trash cans and cleaning the base boards in the bathroom with a dryer sheet. Oh yeah baby.

This wave also reminded me that I should do another round of Spring Picks, and so I shall.

Is it a coincidence that I've been looking for a good cross body/messenger bag and all of the sudden they seem to be everywhere for Spring? I'd like to chalk it up to be being a taste-maker, but that's stretching it. Sometimes you just need a little bag to put your keys, id, and cta pass in before you rush out the door, and with my winter coat it's impossible to get the staps of a tote bag to stay up on my shoulder: that's where the cross body bag makes things easier!

The splurge on this page is the Upwardly Mobile Satchel in Neon Pink from Modcloth. Bright, cheery, you're guarenteed not to lose track on it, and it's right on trend with spring neons. It's currently sold out but like any indie clothing site they re-order based on demand, so demand it! Otherwise it comes in orange, the color of the year!

Also hopping on the trend train is this fringed bag from Minnetonka which will give any sweet spring outfit a touch of the 70s boho vibe. Pair with a floral maxi dress or cut-offs and your favorite shredded band t-shirt. 

Tribal print has also been showing up everywhere from sundresses to sheer pants, so it's only fair that it be included on the tribal print bag from Delia's.

Last week I had this green messenger bag in my hands and was headed to the checkout counter when I realized that the line was too long for me to get back to work in time. The perils of lunch break shopping!

The mustard bag from Forever 21 is sold out, but here's a link to an even cuter one that has more of a romantic touch.  

Neutral tan with a poppy coral contrast piping, this  is sure to add a lady like touch to all of your outfits while keeping it clean and modern.

And finally the Beach Party Pink canvas bag lives up to its name with a bright color and a party of zippered pockets perfect for stashing a credit card here, a lip balm there; perfect for a back-pain free night out or running errands.

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