Monday, February 20, 2012

Spring Fever Picks Part One

At my theatre job I've had some time to flex my creative dressing muscles in the way of looking professional, stylish, and confidant (which I do so love dressing for), and my new part time job has a uniform (again) so I'm reduced to dreaming about what I'll be wearing later. All this combined with the sense of Spring just around the corner has me jonesing for some wardrobe updates!

I had picked out six things I was excitedly looking forward to adding to my wardrobe but the post turned in to an absolute monster that I had no hope of controlling or convincing people to read. So, I split it up!

The first of my Spring style obsessions is pastel colored denim. This has been a fairly obvious trend but I am none the less excited to acquire a pair for myself.

I made no secret of my love for red and even rusty orange jeans. Now I need a light pink or minty colored pair. Lust-worthy are the toothpick jeans from J-Crew in neon persimmon, but the attainable reality is probably closer to this equally cute American Eagle pair of skinny jeans in pink dust or the minty cropped twill pants from Aerie in grove.

Even thought they're not full on jeans these shorts from Express and Topshop's Moto cut-offs are calling my name too! If baby pink and minty fresh aren't your style, then I also loved the cheap chic capris from Forever 21, the low rise jeggings from Delia's, and supersoft skinny lavender pair from Topshop.

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