Thursday, February 16, 2012

Interview Bandit

I've managed to tell you a job interview horror story of which the likes I had never seen, but I have a new one that I think will knock your socks off:

Me and four other applicants were sitting in the place of business going around in a circle, group interview style, and trying to give better answers than everyone else but in general just getting to know each other. After the interview we were asked to move aside for the next group, but when we got up an interviewee noticed that her pocket-book was missing. Just a small brown clutch so we thought "it has to be around here somewhere!" "is is behind the front desk?"
 "did you leave it in the bathroom?" No, no, and no.

A couple applicants admitted to seeing suspicious people walking in, scanning the place, and coming back with a bigger group of people only to rush out again, but no one suspected that they would steal her purse right from under her feet!

We tried calling her cell in the purse and when no one answered we used another girl's phone GPS on and it tracked two blocks away to a department store! They were obviously wasting no time so she called the police who told her there was nothing they could do other than to have her file a report. Luckily the only things in the purse were her debit card, her cell, and her student I.D. she used to get in to her dorm room so it was all replaceable, but geez! She left the interview to get to the bank and cancel the debit card.

Have any interview horror stories of your own?

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