Tuesday, February 7, 2012

As God Is My Witness...

This morning was an adjustment. First day back in the apartment, cold and gloomy, and running behind already. Luckily Roommate saw it in his heart to drop me off close to the Loop. But when I tried to get back I discovered that my CTA pass had expired. No more wandering the el lines of Chicago for me. Until I get a job I'm conserving my rides on the train or bus.

On "rainy days" such as these, I like to put on my sweatpants, grab a handful of dark chocolate, and put on my favorite "go get 'em champ" movie...
Not only can I zone out and recite every single line or inhale popcorn like some kind of popcorn inhaling vacuum, I get a lot of work done: a.k.a sitting with my laptop and applying for jobs, reading the news, and charging my feisty spirit. As God is my witness, they're not going to lick me.

What's your favorite rainy day movie?

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  1. Any romantic comedy, except P.S. I Love You. That just makes me cry as you know.

  2. V for Vendetta. Gets me fired up to make a change!