Thursday, February 9, 2012

Set Back

Today started at 5:45am. I couldn't find a parking spot last night so I parked in the school loading zone which meant waking up before the tots arrive and moving my vehicle. Luckily I have a few neighbors that have a really early commute so finding a space was only a 5 minute drive around the block. It wasn't too cold either, or maybe I was too sleepy to know it was cold. I briefly contemplated staying awake to watch the sun rise...

...but that romantic notion was quelled when I decided that I would treat myself with an extra hour of sleep. That's when everything went awry.

I woke up feeling like I did two weeks ago when I was too tired to do anything. I skipped writing in the morning and hung around in my sweats doing some work for my theatre job. Then I got a call from my Dad. Then another call for an interview. And then a call from my little brother.

So while all these calls were going on I slowly put on my "big girl pants" and started cleaning the apartment, writing my morning pages, writing out valentines, finishing Mama's valentine's present, and watching Downton Abbey. Each thing more productive than the last I tell you!

But despite the fact that my day closed out better than it started, tomorrow is going to be nuts. I might have to break my limited transit rule and take a whopping four rides on the el or bus tomorrow! Maybe I'll pretend that I have insta-gram and do a little photo tour of my day, wouldn't that be swell?

Also, if I were in Columbus, Ohio tomorrow, this is what I would be doing. There have been claims that it will make you poop your pants, and that's a heckuva bargain for a colon cleanse for only $5! But seriously, bring a date.

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