Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Hot Box" and Other Lessons

Yesterday I woke up bright and early for an interview. Had some coffee from my special zoo coffee mug (thanks mom!) and caught the el to the loop

When you're on a train platform they have these things I like to call hot boxes* You press this button and heat lamps come on over your head and keep you warm like french fries. If you have a special friend with you in the hot box, feel free the make out with them without regard to others' personal space. If you are alone in the hot box, stare straight ahead, expressionless and emotionless and wait for the people making out behind you to go away.

After the interview I was feeling particularly chipper, so instead of transferring to the red line and going straight home, I decided to take the brown line all the way around the loop and get the scenic tour. At the Quincy station they have vintage posters every few feet, and a 1920s craftsman style vibe, and a whole hoard of pigeons that like to walk around like people which I thoroughly enjoyed.

We passed the river bridges which I couldn't manage to get a sweet picture of, but it did remind me that on St. Patrick's Day the city dyes the river green. It's my sole mission to get to the loop, Guinness in a coffee cup, and watch the  river go Irish. The snow was starting to sprinkle ever so slightly, then the flakes chubbed up and made the city look like a giant snow globe from far away.

I got off the el to run some errands and got to see what I assume to be a drug bust taking place right in the middle of the road. Then I got on the bus and watched a small child roll his Lemon Heads up and down his seat like they were Hot Wheels.

The morning adventures stopped there as I wanted nothing more than to go home, curl up with a peanut butter toast sandwich, and watch Downton Abbey (addicting I say!)

I hope everyone had an equally magical morning.

*Note: DO NOT ask where the "hot box" is on an el platform. You will most likely get dirty looks or unwanted attention from conspicuous persons.

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