Monday, February 13, 2012

Holding Court

I just thought everyone should know what Chicago food court food looks like. Serious bussniess. After an interview and an errand I decided to break my rule: don't eat out by yorself. Save the money for when friends are going out so you don't have to turn them down. But I was so hungry and knew I had more perusing to do before I hopped the el back north, so had a delicious slab of chicken parm with garlic oil sauteed pasta (which later leaked all over the take-out bag and made the American Eagle smell like a pizza joint.)

Next I swung by the post office and mailed a now belated v-day prezzie for Mom and decided to get cute valentine's day stamps for the now belated cards I sent out. Do these look like valentine's day stamps to you? I think they say: "Come to my rockin' new year's eve party!" or "Hey all! It's my 8th birthday!" But they still made me smile!

Once home a valentine's day care package had arrived from Mom! I'll share the rad goodies tomorrow, but I immediatly plucked out the Excuse-Moi! glitter nail polish and adorned my ring finger. Since I have interviews tomorrow maybe it wasn't the most professional choice, but if they can't take a little "spread the love" guesture then bah-humbug! Or the Valentine's Day eqivilent: "it's just a Halmark holiday!"

Off the topic, I always thought Valentine's day was about celebrating the ones in your life that you love, not bemoaning your relationship status. Why can't it be like it was in elementary school when we gave each other valentines and candy and got to have a party?

So call your grandma, bake brownies and drink cheap wine! Celebrate whoever it is you love and loves you back, even if it's just you and the dog/cat/crazy neighbors yelling from downstairs for the evening...that's what I'll be doing...minus the fuzzy pets. 

Have any awesome plans this Valentine's Day?

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