Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Sunday

Last night I had every intention of finding a wild and crazy (probably gay) bar to watch the Oscars with Roommate. But I got home, shuffled around the apartment a bit, and realized that I didn't really want a wild and crazy night...but I didn't want to sit in my pj's a eat cereal for dinner (again) either. Roommate had been wanting to go to this restaurant two blocks from our apartment, it's called Heartland Cafe in Roger's Park.

It's a mash up of a cafe, bar, general store, art gallery, and performance space. They even have live radio broadcasts on Saturday mornings during breakfast and a beach stand during the summer.

Roommate and I got the black bean burger and buffalo burger respectively, both with sweet potato fries. After snooping their breakfast menu I think that I have to go back for brunch some time. I've been searching for a breakfast-all-day restaurant to replace my beloved Hangover Easy since I moved here, so hopefully this is a good lead.

Once we got home we opened a bottle of champagne that had been in the fridge since New Year's and sipped casually while we ate cajun trail mix and took mini shots every time someone got on stage and thanked "Marty". Totally beat Rose Byrne and Melissa McCarthy to the punch, although after they did it we had to do one too.

All in all, an excellent Oscar Sunday.

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