Sunday, March 25, 2012


Yesterday Mom and Reid had to pack up and go. I made a serious attempt and writing another Spring Fever Picks post, but I kept getting side tracked by room organization and watching movies. I watched three yesterday! Here are the last few pictures from Friday...

Reid didn't want to be in another picture so our waiter "George Clooney" sat next to him.

The Best Cinnamon Roles in Chicago from Ann Sather's. They are absolutely drowning in cream cheese frosting if ya can't tell. 

You know when you realize that a good time is coming to an end and you just want to stretch it out just a little bit further? Yesterday morning I drank my coffee as slowly as possible, didn't do the fast paced city walk from my apartment to Heartland to get french toast, and took my time looking over the apartment for anything they might leave behind. It didn't fully hit me until Reid texted to say they were home and having dinner. Needless to say a weepy phone call to the Viking was in order.

Today it's back to the grind. Preview for the festival I'm ASM-ing tonight followed by a short run of performances until Wednesday, and then stage managing a main stage for a theatre company near my apartment.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday!


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