Friday, March 23, 2012

Pleasure and Culture

Yesterday we got my car tire plugged (yay!) went to Target (double yay!) and enjoyed delicious delicious green bean fries, begian ales, and burgers at Hamburger Mary's in Andersonville where they deliver your check in a platform pump! We passed the time by watching people argue with the meter maid and enjoying the sunshine.

After lunch it started to rain which cooled the city off drastically, so it was time for an outfit change. We walked up and down the Mag. Mile and dipped in to Water Tower Mall for some shopping and looked for a place to eat. We finally agreed that ice cream was in order and went to Zanzibar in Edgewater for cafe salads and junior sundaes.

We capped off the night by watching Bridesmaids, trueling laptops all the way. Today is the last full day and it's already raining! We'll see what mischief we can get in to before they leave.

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