Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring Fever Picks: Loafers, Moccosins, and Slip-Ons

Totally appropriate for a Spring Fever Post today since it's a balmy, breezy 60 degrees outside in Chicago! I will spend most of the day indoors serving up hot tasty food at work, but the commute will be a refreshing treat. I'm going to dig my flats out from the back of my closet and stash my boots for a bit! Speaking of which, here is my Spring Fever Pick #4: Loafers, Moccasins and Slip Ons! To me they are the stylish, quirkly cousins of flats. Classic yet unexpected, and easy to throw on and run out the door!
The first pair that seemed to be blowing up the blogosphere were these leopard print darlings from Steve Madden. Masculine in design yet feminine in print. It is my belief that leopard print is a neutral, so go ahead and pair it with your striped shirt, pink jeans, or red sundress!

Another trend firing up the runways is tangerine tango. I know quite a few people who refuse to wear orange because they're afraid it clashes with their coloring, but what better way to bring the color in to your wardrobe than by having a pop of color on your feet? These rubber tangerine loafers are also good for splashing around in the puddles!

Ah the Thunderbird's. I first fell in love with them when Mom and I were shopping. "I used to have a pair of these when I was growing up!" Mom exclaimed. So these moccasins are doing double duty for me: bringing back the nostalgia and fashion of the 70s and they're mom approved. If you need more proof that Thunderbirds are awesome, pop on over to Delightfully Tacky where she outfitted her bridesmaids in matching Thunderbirds. How cute is that?!

Sunny, cheery, goes with almost everything in your spring wardrobe, these penny loafers from Old Navy are basics with a twist, although if you are looking to stock up on your inexpensive footwear staples these come in tan and navy too.
I couldn't resist putting these color blocked girly suede loafers from Asos in to the mix. A statement all on their own, you can keep it simple with a t-shirt and jeans or dress it up a button up and light weight capris for the office. Wanna go more rock and roll? Shredded band t-shirt, cut-offs with your fiercest leopard print accessory. Done, done, and done.
Sperry's first came in to my life last fall when I held up the productivity of a Journey's salesman trying each pair on. I went with the basic tan pair of Angelfish Slip Ons and I love them! They go with everything and now I'm jonesing for a metallic pair. Metallic: also a neutral. Pair them with spring's color denim, some leopard print (a neutral remember!)...or anything really! I'm inspired by the way Trop Rouge wears hers.

TOMS. I may be the last person alive that doesn't have a pair of these socially concious slip ons. I've been considering them because they're for a good cause, and hey, these pastel crochet cuties are the perfect addition to a spring wardrobe, despite the fact that I'd be leaning towards the classic canvas for practical (work) reasons.

These bubble gum pink pair of loafers from Asos. Girly and fun they would fem up even the most tomboyish outfit and they're everything that a loafer should be!

Lastly, I had to include this sparkly pair of loafers from American Eagle. Some like to save the sparkles for the holiday/winter months where it's all about candle-lit sophistication and looking festive. But if they can come out with sequinned shorts then I think we can give these babies a try. Give your most basic summer staples an edge or glam up a sexy going-out outfit with faux leather leggings and a tank top. In the time it took my to write this post these loafers sold out, no kidding! So here's a delightful pair from my favorite hipster paradise Anthropologie. 

Now that you know what to wear on your tootsies for today, I'm going to ditch blog reading for some time outdoors!

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