Monday, March 19, 2012

Not Easy Being Green

When I first embarked on this Wear Green All Weekend Quest I thought to myself: "This will be so easy!" Green is my favorite color so I own a number of green tops and pants that would normally make this a breeze. But upon looking through my stores of clothing I realized that I left all of my green clothes in Ohio! So I had to improvise a little bit:

I wore this to house management on Friday. I bought this peplum top when Whiskey-Pants was here, and with new clothes I either wear them immediately or save them for a special occasion. In this case I wanted to wear it when the sun was shining and it was above 70 degrees. 

// Peplum Top: H&M (similar peplum style here) / Crop Pants: Gap / Wool Pumps: Payless (similar wool here) / Lipstick: Maybelline in Coral Crush //

This was for St. Patrick's Day Adventures with Running Buddy and house management Saturday. St. Patrick's Day morning I realized that my lack of emerald clothing would call for some substitutions and this mint cardigan did the trick.

// V-Neck Top: Target / White Jeans: Delias / Cardigan: Gap (similar color here) / Sunglasses: Target / Camera Bag: Target / Shoes Not Pictured: Old Navy (similar studded style here) //

I wore it last weekend for house management and then changed out of it realizing I needed something more comfortable, but I snapped a picture just the same!

// Wrap Sweater: H&M (similar wrap style here) / Tank Top: Gap (similar style here) / Pencil Skirt: Express (similar high waisted here) / Gold Tights: NY & Co (similar color here) / Shoes Not Pictured: Target //

I had to cheat and wear the mint cardigan again for house management on Sunday. I'm guessing this is Mom's favorite outfit because it's the drape-y top she loves so well. Last summer every time we walked in to Aerie we commented on its beauty, but $40 was too much to spend on a top. Finally after a coupon hunt we were ready to buy. Afterwards I convinced Mom that she needed one too seeing as she was so obsessed with it, and so she has a red one just like it.

// Floral Top: Aerie (similar floral style here)(similar chiffon style here) / Cargo Pants: Old Navy (similar cargo style here) / Cardigan: Gap / Tank Top: Gap / Shoes (not pictured) Sperry //

This one I based on my St Patty's Day Outfit Ideas post, figuring that I had to try and replicate at least one look since the kelly green J Crew shorts are a tad out of my reach. After editing these photo I also realize that I need a better picture situation in terms of lighting, or at the very least I need to make my bed and clean my mirror.

// Top: Old Navy (similar mandarin collar here) / Cardigan: Old Navy (similar crop style here) / Crop Pants: American Eagle / Dream shoes to go with this outfit: American Eagle  //

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did creating them. As I said before I'm only a frustrated stylist and the clothes I own are, of course, all affordable. Which one is your favorite? 

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