Saturday, March 3, 2012

Style Anatomy: House Manager

For the most part I consider myself a frustrated stylist, or at least that's what Carmindy on What Not to Wear used to tell women who dyed their hair constantly or put on too much make-up. There is no daily occasion where I need to wear a nice outfit, my last four jobs have all required a polo or t-shirt as uniforms, but I like to acquire nice pieces for my own personal style.

Recently I've been able to flex my stylist muscles at my house management job and it's had an extremely positive impact on my self esteem. Not only to I feel great and look authoritative (yet approachable), but I get good response from the cast, ushers, and crew. One actress in particular stops to look at what I'm wearing before she goes to get ready for the performance. It makes me blush every time since she is so well put together.

This is what I wore to house manage in yesterday.

A few of the ushers have made the comment: "most house managers look like they've been living under ground" or "are you in the performance? You look more like an actor than a house manager." But I take pride in looking stylish. It's not like me to show up to work or an event too casually dressed without any make-up on. Until yesterday that is...

I was in a cleaning frenzy, and I realized too late that I had an interview in ten minutes and not a stitch of make-up on my face or an outfit planned for the interview. I put on some standby clothes and ran out the door.

I snapped this picture when I came home (I spy a Chipotle bag and a bra!)

I made it to the interview on time but was nervous. It was a plain outfit to say the least, and I hadn't had the time to cover my dark circles or even put on lip balm. My interviewer was unfazed and I got the job! Which made me think, are there really different expectations for the appearance of actors and the appearance of theatre management? Is it hurting my chances of being taken seriously when I wear a trendy outfit and a full face of make-up? Come to think of it, all the women I've interviewed with have been bare faced and wearing jeans, and the men wear baseball caps and t-shirts.

Maybe the days of getting dressed up for the theatre are over.

But if I schlepped around ripped up jeans and unkempt hair I don't think I would be staying true to myself as a frustrated stylist. When I get dressed up it's me I'm putting out there, which is the best reassurance of my credentials I feel.

So I will try my darnedest to post more house management outfits, trendy or not, and thank you for allowing me to share my passion for style with you.

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