Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Have a Better Life

On Sunday I was possessed by some "have a better life demon" that decided that I should cut down on sugar. I went to the grocery store, bought more fruits and veggies, chose a healthier breakfast cereal, but it's been harder than it seemed. When I sit down for my nightly blog catch-up my brain starts to twitch.

"Don't you have something for me?" Brain asks. "Why of course!" I say as I grab a bag of sweet tarts. But I've also found if I eat around the craving then ten minutes later I'm still hungry for what I wanted to begin with and yet I've eaten a hand full of trail mix and an apple with some string cheese. I believe some like to call this a lack of will power, and I'm working on it! I go through phases where I really want candy, and then phases where all I want are salads. I just need to wait for the sugar phase to run its course and the leafy green phase to come back!

The Have a Better Life Demon also convinced me to get back on track with The Artist's Way and after completing several activities this one stuck out to me the most: choose one food you liked from your childhood and buy if for yourself. Right at the top of that list?

Muddy Buddies! (or puppy chow). Now what Better Life Demon? Do I indulge my inner Artist or do I deprive Beach-Bound-Kiley that wants to look cute in a swimsuit three months from now?

Three months is a long time that I can be doing sit ups. I'll even scout around for a yoga video tomorrow morning, okay Better Life Demon? I hope you're happy with yourself. I know I am!

Also looking fabulous today: Lemon Buddies! Better Life Demon probably won't let me try this right away, but it seems like something fun to bring to a summer party.

Recipes and pictures here and here

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