Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shopping My Closet

One of the perils of renting in Chicago (or in general) is the severe lack of storage space. My closet is more impressive than I expected, but with the addition of my Spring and Summer wardrobes space had become limited.

While I appreciate my closet for its high shelving and depth, it has a tiny door making parts of it very difficult to reach or see what I have back there.

But no more! For I have bought...a garment rack!

I got the idea while watching No Strings Attached...alone...the day before Valentine's thankyouverymuch (you can see it off to the right in this picture). It fits nicely in the nook between my closet and the door where I hang all my purses. Those bins are full of my winter clothes. Currently I have no place for them, so they will remain an end table/catchall.

It makes shopping my closet so much easier and adds some visually appealing "creative clutter" to my space. It's also going to make #22 on my 24 Before I'm 24 list a lot easier:

22. Shop my closet and wear all of my clothes. If I don’t, I have to donate it at the end of the season

I bought my garment rack at Target and it serves its purpose well enough for what it costs. Hopefully once my career becomes a little more lucrative I'll go for aesthetic and throw down the cash for the commercial grade version at the Container Store.

What do you think? Would you ever have a garment rack in your apartment?

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  1. love this! im definitely gonna have to go hit up target now!