Thursday, March 29, 2012

Catch Up

Last night the festival of ten minute plays I was assistant stage managing ended. I severely underestimated the awesomeness of working on a festival of plays that only lasts six days. You're getting to work with a new company and you come in to contact with all kind of different artists in terms of directors, actors, stage managers, etc. The sad thing is you only really get to know everyone at the cast party when you're saying "so long".

I had an experience like this in Ohio working on a comedy festival, but it's different since all the troops go back to their homes (and I didn't have to get on stage and be made a fool doing a Monty Python dance number.) Here, everyone is still a Chicagoan. There's a chance I might get to work with everyone again, which would be lovely!

But now that the festival is over I can focus on stage managing a full length production for a company very close to my apartment. My friend has been substituting for me this past week so my first rehearsal with the cast is this Saturday for a photo call and blocking the second half of the show (blocking = stage movement/choreography I only realized that not everyone knows what this means when talking to Dad.)

So I'm a one show woman ya'll, and it feels fantastic! Hopefully now I can get back on track with writing, running, and cleaning my gross room. You couldn't tell by the garment rack pictures because I shoved everything out of the way, but I still have a trash bag of tops to put away and a pile of bikinis to sort through...ugh.

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