Saturday, March 10, 2012

An Invitation

This blog post is an open invitation to Mom and my brother Reid to come visit me in Chicago in a couple weeks. It's their spring break and they're not sure if they want to spend a few days hanging out with me in my trendy Chicago pad. But I'm here to convince them that we could have a rockin' good time.

When you got here we could decide what we wanted to do for dinner, I'm thinking I might have to re-make the home made beer mac and cheese from Chicago's Live Love Pasta food blog to show you what an adult I am (seriously, I grate fresh cheese!) Either that or we could order Chinese-Takeout from, because when "being an adult" doesn't work out you still have to feed yourself.

On the first day we would wake up at a leisurely hour and go down to The Loop to see Millennium Park. I might have to duck in to work for lunch rush but you can always visit me or go shopping instead! Before going back to my apartment we could always swing by Roots Pizza for some "Quad-Cities" pizza. I've never had it but I hear rave reviews from my co-workers.

The second day we could take it a little slower. Maybe paninis from mine and mom's fave spot Zanzibar. Potentially a small driving tour of the theatres I've worked in and some relaxing at my apartment. For dinner we can try out Kuma's Corner which is apparently home to the best burgers in Chicago. I think Reid might appreciate their Heavy Metal theme...

Since you can't come to Chicago without getting a little culture in, I could get us tickets to a show at Neo-futurists. Either their sketch show Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind or their new main stage Pinocchio as told by Frankenstein's Monster.

I know you guys have to get back to Columbus, but before you take off we could stop by Ann Sather's for some brunch and a cinnamon roll before you hit the road. I'm testing it out this weekend with the Viking so I'll make sure it's delicious before you come.

To be honest though, even if you guys want to show up and watch endless Netflix I'll still be happy because you'd be coming to visit me and I miss you both so very much! So think about it, and let me know when to start grating cheese for your arrival.

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  1. I hear Nathan Lane is going to be in Chicago, he is in "The Iceman Cometh".