Sunday, January 1, 2012

Post Title: 2011

I wasn't particularly in the mood to be retrospective today, especially since I don't feel like I've accomplished a lot this past year. But as I started looking through pictures it made me want to do a little re-hashing.

I was working Wildlights at the zoo back in Columbus and still teaching children's theatre. I started interning and Stage Managing for a local start-up theatre company and met some pretty rad people along the way. This is also about the time that I put in applications for spring internships in Chicago, and didn't get any of them. One offered me an education internship once another person dropped out, but I couldn't justify uprooting for something I wasn't really in to.

I started interning and stage managing for these guys for the Valentine's day show, which is easily one of the best and most hilarious things I've ever done in the name of entertainment. Viking Boyfriend and I celebrated 3 years, check out those mutton chops! People would stop their cars to compliment his fine beard accomplishment.

Viking Boyfriend and his family invited me to Florida. We hung out on the dog beach, layed out by the pool, and contracted the stomach flu. Boo. I finished house managing for Bat Boy the Musical.

Major freaking life change!!!...I got bangs. I swiftly grew them out afterwards deeming them too much work. That's all I got April.

SM'd and wrote for the SBN Two in the Pink show. We ran (in a lobster suit and felt blanket lamb-y pants) for Race for the Cure in Columbus. It was discovered that Bill did not, in fact, have the stomach flu from March, but a bum gal bladder which was hastily dispatched.

My golden year birthday began, 23 on the 23rd. I made two cakes, had too many drinks, and danced allllll night. Speaking of partying...went to this and will recommend it to everyone in the central Ohio area for the rest of my life.

My cousins Hannah and Hayden and my aunt Beth came to visit from Louisiana. Not wanting them to be bored we carted them to King's Island, Cosi, the Zoo, and Zoombezi Bay. On the third or fourth day they practically begged to stay home and watch TV.

Working Zoo Crew for the summer which is one of the most fun jobs ever. Just walking around the park, talking to people, and playing games with kids. Oh, and meeting Mr. Jack Hannah! Also, I finished the original Star Wars trilogy. Indeed.

Celebrated Ms. E-Rose's birthday and decided that I needed to start looking for an apartment in Chicago. Although I don't have photos of that glorious process I can tell you that it was fun and nerve wracking. "Is it close to the el? Is heat included? What the hell is the matter with that tub?!"

SBN had their Halloween show which I regret that I didn't take more pictures of. I started saying my goodbyes, to my teaching job, my job at the zoo, and to Ohio and everyone I adore that lives there. It
was still is extremely scary and I miss the consistency of life there every day. But you have to take risks, and I'm just working towards the pay off.

I moved in to my first "big girl" apartment although it's still hard to consider it that. I went on three interviews and filled out fifty or more applications and was hired on as a production assistant to a theatre company. Went home for Thanksgiving to see the family and started to feel homesick.

Everything starts to fall ever so slightly in to place. I get in to a routine of rehearsals and talking on the phone to a lot of close friends, and I started this blog! Inspired by the numerous blogs I read every day I thought I'd give it a shot. Some 20-something young professionals must be feeling the way I feel so why not put it out there? Besides that Mom was very encouraging about me starting a blog so she'd know how I was doing...not that I don't call her on a daily basis.

Stay classy 2011.

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  1. I still like reading about your thoughts and what you are doing. Then I don't have to ask and appear to be the nosey mom. I am just asking because your dad wants to know. :)