Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Today in a sudden flash of inspiration after looking at this amazing website I decided to accomplish half of #14 on my 24 before 24 list: Finish making the dress and skirt I started. The skirt pattern I started in September before all the moving craziness happened, and the dress I intended to wear it to my college graduation...almost two years ago. Knowing that I probably wouldn't get it done in time Mom and I rushed out and bought a green dress from the Limited sale rack that ended up being a size too small.

There aren't really pictures of me wearing the green dress because the minute I got home I changed in to a different dress. On my 25 before 25 list I'll make a note to let it out so I can wear it!

My flash of inspiration was immediately halted when I realized that I had packed my sewing machine, but not the pedal foot OR the power cord *slaps forehead*. I was going to tear through my apartment like the Tasmanian Devil looking for it but then decided that my time would be better spent looking at job listings and trying to match a replacement for a discontinued lipstick color. R.I.P. Mauve Crystal. My priorities are obviously solid.

P.S. Following these three simple rules are harder than I thought. The writing and running are going okay, but getting dressed when you know you're just going to change in to leggings and go running later? Bummer. No wonder I wore jeans and a t-shirt every day in high school.

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