Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Better Run

Happy Year of the Dragon! I myself am a dragon and as is customary I read through my Chinese Horoscope, picked out the parts about it I liked, and declared in accurate. To celebrate Running Buddy and I tackled the icy paths again and rain 3 miles! We rewarded ourselves with Chinese food from a little hole in the wall place near out apartment (that Roommate found). Pineapple Chicken awesomeness ensued.

I also did a heap of laundry, not just to celebrate the year of the dragon (although my domestic and organizational dragon qualities approved) but because I only have one pair of long leggings and two long sleeve shirts to wear running so I have to keep up with the laundry. Fortunately/Unfortunately we're going running twice in a row this week so I'll have to find something else to wear, BUT if I had unlimited funds this is what I would be spending my cash on:

When I went on my artist date last week these are the running shoes I picked out. Comfy, not too narrow, and they support breast cancer which is aproximately 100% of the reason I've run a 5k in the past four years. You can buy them here.

Upping the ante just a touch is the Nike Vapor Flash Jacket. It's warm, stylin', and super reflective. The runner in front of me was wearing it and it reflected absolutely everything from traffic lights to the small blinky arm bands other runners were wearing. It is beyond pretty and mesmerizing, but would I ever bring myself to spend over $200 on something I'm going to get sweaty in? Probably not. But this is unlimited cash happy-time at Kiley Kate, so this is going on the list. If you're so inclined you can buy it here

And while I'm getting high tech here I have to mention these firewall 220 tights. Not only will they keep your legs warmer (than a $5 pair of cotton leggings like I've been rocking) but they're guarenteed to make you look like Olivia Wilde in Tron. Finish off with sassy hair cut and you're pretty much set to rule the virtual universe...or at least your running path. Here!

And just for funsies I had to include the unicorn poop colored shoes that my Artist-Self picked out! Buy here!

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