Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Sniffles

I went to sleep last night with the sniffles and woke up feeling ache-y and drained. I committed to staying in bed all day and eating leftover pesto and jelly beans, but I do feel very accomplished! I registered my ipass and applied for one job which will hopefully lead to an awesome theatre gig.

When I was in college, two long years ago, I imagined I would have a part time job until I was accepted for an internship. Then I would get a full time job in the artistic department of a theatre company during the day, stage manage at night, and would give me weekends or Mondays off to write and submit plays to theatre companies.

My part-time summer job was extended and the internship applications kept bouncing back with "thank you for your inquiry but..." letters, and internship offers I wasn't sure I wanted. I had these moments of panic where if I got an internship doing something I didn't want to do that it's all I'd get hired for in the future. So I'd refuse them or botch the interview and apply somewhere else.

Instead of hoping the opportunities would come to me from afar I decided to bring myself to the opportunities and move to Chicago just to see where it would take me in my career. I had a plan for that too which didn't pan out. What has served me the best since I've been here is applying for things I would really love to do and trying my best to prove to the company how much I really want to be there. That way I feel like I'm not cheating myself and the company is getting a highly motivated and enthusiastic employee. That's what we in show business like to call a "win, win" situation.

I'll keep you updated as always and try to share the secrets of my success when I have them...secrets or success, whichever comes first!

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