Thursday, January 19, 2012

First Date

I want so badly give updates on my writing and running adventures, but I know three days is hardly the time to be giving a progress report. That may be why I don't finish a lot of the things that I start. Two days in I have an epiphany and decide "that's good enough". I've read ahead a few chapters and in three weeks I will be lamenting about how I can't read blogs...bleck. More on that to come.

But today following the book's advice I took myself on an artist date. An artist date is when you indulge your inner artist child by doing something fun and creative, and no one is allowed to come. Just you and your inner artist. Please feel free to put the following youtube clip on loop while you read the rest of this post.

I had to go to the bank and Artist-Self thought it would be a good idea to get a dum dum sucker. But they were handing out good luck coins for Chinese New Year with a dragon on them! Artist-Self was pleased. Next, Artist-Self really wanted to go to Urban Outfitters, but since I got off at the wrong stop I took Artist-Self to Michael's crafts, how fun! Artist-Self looked for cards to make for Valentine's day, felt the bright fun and soft yarn, and looked at dollar sticker books with cute smiley faces in them.

Hit play and keep reading!

Since Artist-Self didn't find anything super fun and crafty I decided to go try on shoes at the DSW in the basement. I tried on slippers, moccasins, and flats, and Artist-Self tried on cowboy boots!

Next we made a pit stop at a sports store to look at running shoes. I liked the pink and white pair while Artist-Self loved the new rainbow new balance shoes and hot pink tube socks. Artist-Self and I stopped at a military surplus store and looked at paratrooper boots and carhart hats and then I had to go to the performance. After walking through the cold I treated Artist-Self to a burrito and even let Artist-Self put on red lipstick before I had to go to work. I'm not sure if I did exactly what the book is urging me to do, but that was my first date with Artist-Self and I think I'll be doing it again. According to the book I have to do it once a week so we will at the very least have a twelve week courtship.

Do you want to take your artist self on a date? Or have you been taking your artist self on dates this whole time and didn't even know it?

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  1. I love interactive blogs! That was fun even though I wasn't on your date, I felt included! Have fun on your next date night.