Friday, December 30, 2011

What Are Ya Doing?

It's been all rehearsals, shopping, and dining out this week with Mom here. We haven't been uploading a lot of pictures, so this is one from last week of my brother and I are our traditional "Christmas Eve in Front of the Tree" picture. Maybe Mom and I can have a photo shoot tonight and I'll have some awesome pictures from New Year's.

In theatre land, the show I'm working on is doing consistent run throughs. We have one more week of rehearsals and next week is tech week! 

As a production assistant my job ranges. Mostly I assist the Stage Manager and ASM in prop organizing and being on book. I also hang up posters, help locate props and set pieces, and badger actors about sending me their bios so I can complete the program. I did some publicity in the beginning with facebook, twitter, and making labels to send out post cards. During the run of the show I'll be the one woman run crew backstage assisting with quick changes and throwing things about. It's a lot of fun because you're part of the action on a lot of different levels, and it being my first performance in Chicago I'm fascinated with just about everything. It also helps that I'm working with a great group of people that always have advice to give, which I eat right up.

One such piece of theatre advice is that most theatre companies get their budgets in January, so that's when they do a lot of their hiring. I'll be stalking the job postings in the upcoming weeks hoping to land a few gigs. It's also the time when summer stock hiring starts; it's exciting thinking about a show that opens in the summer! Not that I don't love you Chicago winter, I know you have yet to begin. I'm still waiting on waist deep snow and days indoors under a blanket with hot chocolate.

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