Tuesday, January 10, 2012


It's that time of year again when I dread going outside with anything less than three layers on and curse the gods (and myself) for moving farther north! Although Christmas in Chicago was beautiful, I have a feeling that I'll love it even more when it's warm enough to go outside in a sun dress. These are five things that will be better when it's spring in Chicago:

1.) The deck off the back of the kitchen. Granted it faces an alley way, but I always imagine curling my feet under on a deck chair, drinking my coffee in the morning, browsing a magazine, or painting my toe nails. Not only that but I'll get to plant some pretty annuals in the two little flower boxes and that will really spruce things up.

2.) The brick wall that my bedroom windows face will have grown its ivy back, and my view will have more of an old world charm than look like the alley way that it is.

3.) After the ivy comes back, I look forward to ripping the plastic "saran wrap" off my windows and not live in fear of dashing out of bed and to the living room in the morning. Despite my many efforts my bedroom is still the coldest room in the house, and while it hasn't reached arctic temperatures I still hate throwing the covers off and making a run for it past my window. At least I'm getting some cardio in, right?

4.) The beach two blocks from my apartment will be the perfect place to spread out a towel, read a book, eat some cantaloupe, and continue watching people walk their dogs outdoors, but right now it's frigid and windy.

5.) Most of all, I'll be glad for a much easier commute come spring. Less bulky clothes, less things to lose: "where's my hat?! Did it fall off on the platform? Crap, phone's ringing, gotta take off my gloves. Where is my cta pass? I can't find my cta pass!" And so forth. Despite the fact that I adore my new winter jacket, I can't wait for the ease of a jeans and a t-shirt as opposed to the long underwear extravaganza that's happening now.

I'm sure I'll do another post like this one. It's too much fun imagining what the city will be like when it's warm out. What do you miss about spring?


  1. Everything! I just got my first spring catalog and I've already bent some of the pages down. I also just saw pictures of my cousin in Australia on the beach and I am craving warm weather as I am bundled up under my covers reading this post! Come on spring!

  2. You have a beautiful home :)

    Minted Magazine