Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mane Issue

Has anyone discovered that the current state of their hair is a reflection of how their life is going? Since graduating college my hair has been stuck in the same place: long, stringy, and a shade of brown. Before college I used to get a different hair cut every time I went to the salon until I decided to grow it out.

I never had an emotional attachment to my hair until I grew it out. A couple times over the past few years I've tried cutting a couple inches off, then I miss it and grow it back. Viking Boyfriend jokes that I will become the "crazy hair lady". You know, the women who grow their hair to their ankles (for no particular or religious reason) and someone nominates them for a make-over on Rachel Ray?

This is my future if I don't get out of my hair rut. Although I must say her natural color is a very pretty sun kissed bronde don't you think?

So here are the options:

A layered long bob with side swept bangs a la Brooklyn Decker? I could also dye it blonde which would fullfill #5 on my 24 before 24 list.

A long pixie cut like Michelle Williams? I adore it but I'm also afraid of the maintenance to keep it looking cute and that I will cry looking at all of my hair on the salon floor. 

Or I could play it safe and go with a side swept bang. Still a nice change of pace but with minimal commitment.

Which one do you think I should try?

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  1. Go short! #1. You'd look awesome with that pixie cut #2. It's on your list! #3. It's the best way to get out of your rut #4. With more adventurous hair, you'd be surprised how much more adventurous your life becomes!

    - The girl of 1000 different hair colors/styles

  2. I vote for longer with bangs kind of like your senior pictures. I liked that look on you.