Saturday, January 14, 2012

Illinois Sunset

So right about last week I had received another rejection letter and had plans to go get my new Illinois license which ALSO did not work out well. There's a lot of paperwork (and FIVE forms of identification) that you need to have. So there may or may not have been a panic moment in the parking lot which resulted in me calling my mom and apologizing profusely to Viking Boyfriend. But when I stopped bemoaning my bad luck and poor research I looked up and this was here...

We chased the sunset all the way to Chipotle and had ourselves some tasty burritos, thus calming my bad mood. The Viking Boyfriend and I tried to make some queso which I couldn't take pictures of. It turned in to this curdled glue of a cheese that made me gag when it squished in to the trash can. Lesson learned: stick to the recipe. Hopefully we'll try it again soon and I'll have some delicious results to take pictures of.

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