Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Beats

I woke up this morning not to the sound of children jumping above me, the reggae fest going on downstairs, or even the maintenance guy yelling obscenities at the snow, but with the clutching fear that my checking account was overdrawn. I checked and of course it wasn't. I just fell asleep the night before thinking about the bills that were due, rent is in another two weeks, and will I have enough left over for groceries AND waterproof boots? Probably not for now.

My wild fantasy world does have me jonesing for Valentine's Day a little early this year. Since I won't be going out (more than likely) I put together a cozy staying in outfit. Red tights 4 life! I should also be sticking to my promises and putting myself together right about now, even though it is way easier to jam to the sweet beats pounding through my floorboards in the snoopy pj pants I stole from Viking Boyfriend.
I'll more than likely post more since I have an unnatural obsession with Pinterest and Polyvore as of late. What else is a girl to do when it's snowing mercilessly outside?

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