Monday, January 2, 2012

2012: The Eve

I know it was my first New Year's Eve in the "big city" but even when I lived in Columbus driving downtown to pay for an expensive ticket to drink and eat and having to drive home in traffic didn't seem like a real party. In college I'd gone party hopping from house to house, and last year I rang in the new year with close friends at a small bar near my house, which was one of my favorite New Year's celebrations. But since I don't have a ton of friends living here (yet) and therefore no place to hop, I was kind of stuck about what to do this year.

Luckily Viking-Boyfriend cast his anchor in Chicago for the weekend so we could do something together. The only thing I truly cared about was being able to wear the new dress Mom bought me while she was here for a whopping $18! Post-Christmas sales: worth the crowds.

First, Viking boyfriend used his new Ninja blender to make pesto penne with roasted grape tomatoes and goat cheese crumbles. I am guarding the leftovers in the fridge.

We decided to go to a movie in Evanston, specifically this movie which was awesome. The bartender in the theater tried to scare us by saying that there were a lot of walk-outs due to confusion about the plot, but assured us that the presence of Viking Boyfriend's beard was proof that we were intelligent enough to handle it, and we were! That beard is magic I tell you. But we were the youngest audience members by about twenty years, and the blue-hair next to me threw her arms up in the air every time someone drew a gun.

We peeked in a bar on the way home and realized that the ball already dropped. We're on central time so it happens at 11pm instead of midnight which was kind of funny. We drove home just in time to ring in the New Year with Roommate and our neighbors. They got locked out of their apartment and the their other roommate had the keys, so we came in to them laying on the floor (damn it I need to buy a couch) and watching this until midnight. Then I washed my face, brushed my teeth, and went to bed at a respectable hour.

Since I only got one drunk dial from my brother, I'm curious, what did everyone else do for New Year's Eve?

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