Friday, January 13, 2012

Winter Booties

Sometimes I like to do this thing where I pretend that I have money. In these wild fantasies filled with eating out twice a week, being able to pay off my car, and spend more than fifty dollars on something without getting sweaty and calling my mom, I also imagine what I would wear. Today, when the snow is past my ankles and I my poor piggies are freezing, I imagined what kind of snow boots I would buy with my fantasy money...

Keeping it classic are the duck boots from Land's End. They're everyone's favorite snow boot and I have nostalgia attached to them since my mom used to wear them to take us out to play in the snow when we were little. I wore her boots around for a while in high school when I was really in to raiding my mother's closet for her "vintage" dolphin shorts and a tank top she had that I wore to shreds. In any case these boots would stand up to anything, including the snowpocolypse.

Who doesn't want to dress like the Queen I ask you? Because if you want to keep it "country manor" in the middle of Chi-Town then you need a pair of these babies.  Accessorize boots with a pack of adorable welsh corgis and a string of pearls and you're done! (I like the red color, it'll make you stand out waiting on the train platform)

And lastly, if you want a look that says "I eat raw meat and sleep in the snow" you need these bad boys. Nothing will speak louder about your abilities to track and kill your own food or about how you're not afraid to down some peyote and wander the prairies at night with a gun that has one bullet in it. A part of me resists liking these boots...and the other part just traded tobacco and a bag of beads for a wagon axle and some buffalo meat.

Which of my fantasy boots is your favorite?

You can buy them here, here, and here.

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