Friday, January 6, 2012

My Country Estates

Being that traffic laws are what they are in the city, I've decided to store my car at my "country home" for the winter, i.e. Viking Boyfriend's apartment an hour outside the city.

After rehearsal last night I got in my car and started driving out to 90. There's something so familiar and refreshing about getting in a car and going somewhere that the El can't take you. Trying to get out of the city and on to 88, I know how a hot wheels car feels, minus the loops.

I munched on raisins and pretzel goldfish until I approached The Estates where I saw a raccoon, wildlife! All I ever see in the city are dogs, cats, and the parrot that lives across the hall, and I screeched like I had never seen one in my life. Today I hope to see a possum, or perhaps a squirrel.

I fell asleep, woke up, and found an e-mail in my inbox: "thank you for your interest..." It was a job I was qualified for and they even offered to let me interview for management. It felt like it was a matter of filling out the paper work. I have more promising leads that I'm really excited about, so here's hoping.

In the mean time Viking Boyfriend is going to play his guitar and drive with me to Dunkin Donuts. I'll get the oil changed, my new Illinois driver's license, and an iced coffee.

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