Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'm Baaaaack!

I could practically hear Steven Tyler screeching "I'm back in the saddle aga-e-ain! I'M BACK!" when I crossed state lines. Mom and I carted a whole other batch of my belongings to Chicago, only the true essentials mind you. My shoe collection has doubled and the bookshelves on the fireplace will make it look like I read too! Before I brought my small library it looked like Roommate was extremely well read and I was only literate in comedy and musical movies...this still might be true. And of course there were all the presents that had to come back with me too, Santa-Mom, Santa-Dad, and all my Santa-Relatives gifted me everything I wanted this year and more!

Exhibit A: My Blanket Sweater, A.K.A. The Lebowski Sweater. Perfect for curling up with a White Russian. Doesn't it tie the room together?

Exhibit B: The Warmest Jacket Ever! I had it on for two minutes indoors and was already sweating. And Chicago Local points for it covering my bum! Note the awesome ear warmer, courtesy of my "little" brother who I e-mailed with a link and he immediately bought it while he was still on the phone with me. Maybe not the most surprising but I am in love with how warm and stylish it is.

Exhibit C: Get out the scrap book, it's baby's first Chanel! I about died when I found this in my stocking Christmas morning. Every good mall trip for the past three years has involved me swinging by the perfume counter to spritz some Coco Chanel Mademoiselle and soon after demanding: "someone smell me! don't I smell purdy?" Now family and friends can smell me whenever I kindly command them to and it'll be a white musk-bergamot romp through a Parisian rose garden! (with some bourbon vanilla thrown in for good measure)

I'm sure I'll blog more of my favorite new things throughout the week. Mom is here until Saturday so getting pictures shouldn't be as hard as it normally is. Also more theatre-y things! The show I'm working on is going in to tech next week and I can't wait! Baby's First Chicago Theatre Show! Where's that scrap book?

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