Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Summer Risks

It's starting to warm up 'round these parts, someone finally told the weather that it's May and we need to get cracking on this sunshine and flowers thing. Of course one of my favorite parts of spring is seeing people step out in the warm-weather clothes they've been saving ever since they bought them back in March. Since I'm uniform-bound as of late I have no choice but to admire their personal style from behind a counter, but it's given me more resolve to try new things on my days off, take a few more risks.
// 1.Target Mossimo Maxi Dress  2. American Eagle Open Stitch Sweater / 3. Target Juniors Printed Denim Short /4. dELIAs Ruffled Pleat Romper / 5. Aerie Corset Bra / 6. dELIAs Under wire Retro Bikini //

The first risk I've been trying to crack for a couple summers is the maxi dress. I don't know if I just can't find the right one, but EVERY girl I see that wears one looks adorable. A co-worker recently wore a white and red striped tank maxi with a denim vest and I swooned. I have a floral print maxi dress in my closet I just need to be brave and bust it out.

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To break up the maxi dress or keep me warm? An open weave sweater. The concept of a summer sweater seems a little strange, but I've had the pleasure of trying a few on and they're comfortable without overheating you, perfect for these chilly Lake Michigan nights.
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#3 on my risk list: printed shorts. I believe I had a graphic floral pair in middle school which I could only bring myself to wear at the driving range with my grandma where none of my super cool middle school friends could see me. Ah to be young. Now I'm practically craving a pair of super patterned-bright shorts.
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Slightly riskier? The romper. This one I'm stuck on. My torso and legs are so long I don't feel like a sexy beach bunny, I feel like I never grew out of my gangly awkwardness. Proportionally I need some advice here, but I feel like it would be the ultimate summer risk piece. From errands to cocktails, easy to change in to when I leave work, I have to find one that works for me.

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Delving deeper in to my discomfort zone is the corset bra top. Hopefully a high waisted skirt and a sheer layer (maybe an open weave sweater, hmm?) would make this look less scary. We'll have to wait and see how this one pans out because midriff exposition is all but terrifying.

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And the last summer risk, the bikini, as you may well know from my last post. Will I have the courage to wear on in public? We shall see. Are there any summer wardrobe risks you want to take on this summer?

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