Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Where is my mind

I had every intention of putting up a blog post about my weekend with the Viking before he went back to Cleveland. We had many small adventures and lots of movie watching/delicious food making. And of course I got my camera out for some great pictures, but low and behold can not find my USB cable. Actually, I had a panic attack moment where I forgot what a USB cable looked like entirely. I sat on the floor, completely defeated and scowled at my could I forget what that looks like? Two days later I still can't find it, although I'm pretty sure I know what it looks like now.

In other news the show I'm stage managing is in previews #ohmygodmyfirstchicagoshow! This of course means that I have less time to write blog posts...but rest assured that I'll want to tell you all about the weekend with Viking (when I find the rascally USB cable!) and tell you how NATO give you a hint my place of business is moving their patio furniture out just in case chairs get thrown through the windows...oh yeah.

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