Monday, May 21, 2012

Just can't get enough

Any girl you meet will admit to being a "shoe girl" or a "purse girl" where their collections are reaching legendary heights. I can't profess to have the money or time cultivating these archives (although you know if I did, then I would). But I have noticed that I tend to gravitate towards certain obsessions, especially as of late. And they all seem to be quickie updates to the wardrobe that anyone can slap on in a few minutes and change their look...

You've seen from my 24 before I'm 24 list that I have a collector's obsession with all things balm, gloss, and stick. This is about half the collection, not counting my make-up kit and the stranded lip glosses in my purses. They are one of the cheapest quickest updates to any look, and I can't resist having them in all colors. This summer I'm loving the neon punches and the nude shimmery colors.

This obsession I attribute to working at a nail salon when I was younger. Nails are the perfect place to have some good creative fun, and if Pinterest is any indication it's becoming an art form of its own. Even though my food service job doesn't allow nail polish during the week, my Friday ritual is to run home and slap on a fresh coat of polish. I look forward to it all day, no really!
 Lately I've been doing neon orange and hot pink mixed together, or painting my toes a different color on each foot.

And the last collection which hasn't been curated in some time is my shoe box of hair accessories. As of late I've been wearing a baseball cap and pony tail on a routine basis, but one of these weekends I'm going to have to whip out my fuchsia hair bow or my little white flower headband. I'm also on the hunt for a mini turban and a (faux) silk scarf for this summer.

What cheap chic collections are you developing?

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