Monday, April 2, 2012

Itsy Bitsy

Un-packing the final trash bag of spring clothes last week I was stuggling to find a home for all of my swim suits. I have a bikini for every day of the week because I used to live in them all summer when I was in high school. Summer employment and self esteem issues got in the way of me wearing them as frequently, and yet the pile of bikinis remains.

Me and E our senior year of high school. Love this binkini, and true to form still own it!

Not another bikini picture until next summer when I went with E's family to Canada. Loved that hawaiian print bikini, but lost the bottoms when we went camping. If I hadn't, I would probably still own it.

Last bikini picture to date. Please note the technique: self conscious? Hold small child in front of you!

As I was shoving the last of the pieces of clothing that I don't like to be photographed in, in to a drawer Mom said "You could probably get rid of a few."

So I've resolved to pitch a few bikinis in the name of more space and not torturing myself. I don't expect my body to fit in to something I wore when I was a freshman in high school. It's been a good ten years and my body has changed a lot, but it's still sad saying goodbye.

Of course I got thinking about it, and I would still have four bikinis left that fit, but if I was throwing three other ones away, doesn't that mean I get a new bikini? (I can hear Mom groaning through my computer screen)

I'm really loving the bandeau/reto underwire style, each of the suits has really strong ties to fashion this spring: Retro, Floral, Polka Dot, Tribal Print, Neon, and strong prints. To be honest I'm leaning toward the Old Navy suit because I have a gift card, but I'll be darned if that American Eagle suit isn't the cutest thing!

Which one is your favorite?

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  1. Yes, I did groan but I also vote for the blue flowered one. :)