Wednesday, May 30, 2012

On a jet plane...

The Viking set sail today to pillage Moscow. Russia that is. He'll be studying with the Moscow Art Theatre School until July, that's a month folks. We've been apart longer than a month before, but not like this. I can't just call him up when I'm bored or send him a text just to say "hi". Communication will be a well thought out process that we will have to set aside time for.

We've come a long way since college. We actually lived right down the hall from each other, so it was nothing for me to walk to his single and poke my head in for a bit. Much to his relief we got separate apartments senior year...I'm not aware of the fact that people need personal space most of the time. I like to be in the company of others the majority of my day (which is why a dog might be a good idea right about now).

We lived summers two hours apart until Viking got in to grad school, and then it was eight hours apart. I can count on one hand how many weeks we physically saw each other last year. I'm not saying distance is easy, in fact I would vouch for the opposite. Distance is one of the hardest things I've ever done in the name of a relationship, no matter what the circumstances. But in a way I'm thankful for it. It's given us both a chance to come in to our own a bit, and figure out what we really want.

...but right now he's on a plane to Russia, and I'm just a little crabby. Extremely happy for him, but the slightest bit selfishly crabby. Also, it's the 166th Birthday of Peter Carl Faberge, the creative mind behind Faberge eggs. He too is in Russia somewhere. Thank you Google, for that arbitrary ridiculousness.

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