Sunday, April 15, 2012


Escaped the city for the weekend to see the Viking's final performance of Mrs. Packard today. It felt like the radio really knew what I was doing on the hour drive there.

But before I see the show there was a trip to my favorite pancake house, and an impromptu shopping spree at Target (isn't there always?) I picked up a new cross body bag (finally!) a black v-neck tee, and strangely enough a new straw fedora. While I was browsing bikinis that I so desperately need Viking came up behind me and plonked it down on my head.

I've never been so sure about hats, I have a little head and thin hair so normally it looks like the hat is swallowing me alive, but I liked this one! The underside of the brim is what really makes it.

Still a little unsure. Viking has been punctuating his sentences with "the hat look great! I really like the hat!" Which is helping.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday!


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