Thursday, April 26, 2012

April 25th

Yesterday was my Dad's Birthday! You know, the Dad that texts me every day just to see how I'm doing and making sure I don't lose faith in the process of figuring this whole adult-hood thing out. I'm sure he'd much rather me move home to figure it out, but he's supportive none the less which is what makes him an awesome Dad to have.

Also wanted to mention these beauties this morning. After a cast bonding experience on Monday night an actor had a little too much party and I helped clean it up. I wasn't planning on broadcasting it to the company since it was an honest mistake, but I came to rehearsal yesterday and he bought me flowers! They're livening up my end table as we speak. "Does everyone down there have a crush on you?" Viking laughed. Nope, just the ones that I clean up after.

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