Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Morning Conversations

A few weeks ago I was working my food service job, on the register ringing up customers for 7am breakfast...ugh. There was some kind of mis-understanding and a formerly pleasant customer turned witchy at the prospect of losing 25 cents over a mis-ordered meal. I started to feel flustered and my manager laughed. "No one knows who they are in the morning. Am I an oatmeal person? Do I like bananas? They're just trying to figure it out."

Of course bells begin to go off in my head because, who am I really?

Am I a writer? A late bloomer? A stage manager? A failure? An optimist? A runner? Am I depressed? A dancer? A lover? Am I short fused? A good person?

Today, I am just tired, a food service employee, a girl with a nice smile, and an oatmeal person...with coffee.


  1. Just found you... not sure how... lol :)

    I, too, am on a journey of figuring just who I am... slowly but surely, I think I'm getting there!

    Darling blog! I'm was a theatre major at one time in my life.... I miss it... :)