Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hair Circle of Life

I posted about my "great hair debate" back in January and it took me until March to work up the nerve to chop my strands.

When I first had it cut I loved it! Flipping it around, combing my fingers through it, and not feeling annoyed enough to pull it back. But just two short weeks later I am already missing my long hair. Am I crazy?! I just spent countless hours of my life that I will never get back wrestling with the decision to cut my hair, but now I want it back?


Hair grows at an average rate of a half inch per month, never mind that my thin strands grow slower than most. I cut at least four inches off. So, in November after having painstakingly grown it out, will the "chop or not to chop" decision be causing turmoil again? That's the Hair Circle of Life. When you grow it out you get tired of it, need a change, and go in for a shorter cut. This cut amuses you for some time but then you start to miss the flexibility of long hair (despite the fact that you never did anything with it when it was long except throw it up in a pony tail) so you grow it out again!

So until my hair completes its cycle, here are a few fun things I plan on doing with it: has a great slide show of 27 April hair ideas.

The Floppy Bow Headscarf tutorial from All This Happiness

I can always draw inspiration and tips from Sidewalk Ready.

Now that my hair is one length I might try my hand at a messy french twist from Real Simple

The Small Things has awesome ideas for shoulder length hair

More than likely I'll just be rocking a stubby pony tail until the weather heats up and my hair starts growing out, but if anyone has any sage advice about how to stop the cycle, I'm all ears!

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