Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cell Phone Artist

Was in the spring cleaning mood and thought I'd release some pictures from my phone.

//That puppy? Not mine, just hanging out with him (we named him Teddy!) // First signs of Spring. // Although this picture of the Viking has been here before, it reminds me of how depressed I was after I lost a potential job and I rolled out of bed to find him playing the gutair for me. He's pretty much the raddest. // A sneaky crayon hiding on the crown molding at Giordano's// Teddy! // The viking hates Steak and Shake so it took much persuading to get him to come with me. // Viking trying on thrift store coats for his acting class. He too is a frustrated stylist and jacked this up to look like a victorian era suit // Just a pigeon, taking a nap on the el platform // My hair, oh my //

Like many doomed people out there I don't actually own instagram. I'm sure I could download some kind of knock off, but up until now I've just been using Picnik, but they shut down on April 19th so then what will I do?

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