Monday, April 23, 2012

Uniform Update

Today is a sick day so declare-ith my immune system. I was up most of last night and I drove back to the city early this morning only to collapse amongst my work uniform and stage manager kit on my bed. One nap later and I'm feeling much better, but oh how I wish I could have stayed in the country for just a little bit more. As it stands I'm back to the daily grind.

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This is what my daily uniform is looking like as of late. It's simple, comfy, and I can layer my real work uniform pieces over top of it well. Unfortunately it's lacking in the style department and when I go from job A to job B with only an hour or so break in between, it can be difficult to find the motivation to switch up an entire outfit. Luckily only a few pieces can transform my jeans and tee uniform in nothing flat and still leave me time to eat dinner.
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To get myself out of the day-time funk, I picked some bright pieces to make me feel a little cheerier and wear a crop top and a loosely looped scarf for comfy layering. Another fantastic mood booster? Sparkles. Keep it toned down with neutral or pastel accessories and it will make you feel like you could be awake for another eight hours. Or layer a blazer to make your jeans and a tee look pulled together. The printed scarf and chunky earrings make it look sophisticated while the slip on tennis shoes keep it relaxed.

A few other ideas? Layering a sheer or open weave sweater, the short sleeve varieties are just as cute. Tunics are big for spring and if you're feeling really daring layer a wrap dress which looks great with skinny jeans and ballet flats. Have even less time? A swipe of bold lipstick or a cute hair accessory will pack a lot of punch in a short amount of time.

Which uniform update is your favorite?

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