Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend Retrospect: Easter

A fantastic weekend if I do say so myself (which I do). Easter egg dying with Roommate, pirate decorating/cupcake making/Fashion Star watching with Running Buddy, and the rest of the weekend spent with the Viking.

We had time to roam the city, find delicious places to eat, visit a good friend at work, have some ice cream, and drink some "?" wine while we watched Tintin and tried to decide who Daniel Craig was voicing. On Easter morning Bill made chocolate chip pancakes, and we went to the beach to dig our feet in the sand and watch dogs play fetch. Afterwards we walked the neighborhood to smell the lilac bushes and cherry blossom trees and find a place to eat. The Viking finally had to go, and I de-celebrated by (accidentally) cutting my foot open and bleeding on the floor and consoling myself with Mad Men and sour patch kid jelly beans.

I will be further de-celebrating by going to work and buying on-sale Easter candy. How was your weekend?

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